Best Boar Bristle Brush 2022 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide


Brushing your hair is the easiest, the most inexpensive and most natural way of keeping it healthy and beautiful. When you are brushing your hair, it is as if you were giving it a massage, a spa treatment.

However, you need to make sure that you use the adequate tool, one that works best with your hair type, length, style, and so forth. In this article, we will talk about boar bristle brushes and the reasons why people are so crazy about them. 

We will present you with the list of 8 products, and a buying guide, which should give you more information about the product category (boar bristle brushes). Now let’s take a look at that guide, shall we?

Buyer’s Guide

Here are a couple of things you should pay close attention to if you do decide to buy the boar bristle brush:

Boar Bristle/Pin Density And Quality

There are a couple of things you want to remember here. First, make sure that the boar bristle brush does use boar bristles, that they are 100% genuine. Also, if the brush features the mixture of boar bristles and nylon pins, make sure that you agree with the ratio.

Some people prefer more bristles in their brushes, others more pins. What’s the difference? 

Well, the more bristles the brush features, the sturdier it is. Such brush is capable of defeating and detangling your hair with less struggle (than the brush with the majority of nylon pins).

Hair Type

Of course, you have to make sure that the brush is suitable for your hair type. As we said, some brushes are more nurturing and soft, others more sturdy and robust.

If you have thin or medium density hair, you don’t need the full boar bristle brush. Instead, you need something that will nurture the hair and only a mixture of quality nylon pins, and medium-sized bristles can give you that.


Always pay close attention to the brushes material, from grip and brush base and rubber to pins and bristles. For instance, some are made of 100% organic and renewable material, and other’s aren’t. More importantly, material quality often affects durability.

Some brushes will come with flimsy and cheap nylon pins, which can deteriorate quite rapidly. Also, make sure that the grip and the main body of the brush are sturdy too.

Brushing Capabilities

What is it that you want from your brush? Do you want to remove frizz, repair damaged hair, prevent further damage being done to your hair; which is it? Once you find the answer to that question, you narrowed your search by a lot.

After you found out what you want from your brush, see if the reviewed products align with your idea of “what a brush should be.” Whichever you choose, make sure that the brush offers the powers you truly need and will benefit from on short and long-term basis.

Kaiercat Boar Bristle Brush

Kaiercat brush is the most inexpensive product on our list, excellent for detangling hair. It features curved design, which should help stimulate the natural oils (from the scalp) and not disturb the follicles.

It made of 100% natural boar brushes, with nylon tips on the top, which helps with detangling. Kaiercat Boar Bristle Brush is vented, which allows faster drying. The brush head is wide, ideal for straight and strong hair.

This hair brush works with all hair types but works best with straight and long hair. The handle is rubber padded, which allows a comfortable and firm grip. It is, however, cheap, and will not last for a very long time.

Still, it is very affordable, well vented, suitable for all hair types. Nylon tips are also useful for scalp massaging and hair nurturing. It’s not the best boar bristle brush on our list but is still a reliable and very affordable item.


  • very inexpensive
  • nurturing nylon pins nurture the hair
  • good brush for detangling
  • works best with straight hair


  • lacks durability
  • not ideal for dense hair
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BESTOOL Boar Bristle Brush (Round)

BESTOOL brush features round design and is ideal for long curly hair (for men, women or kids). The handle is made of Schima wood, which makes the brush look elegant, smooth and sturdy (Schima wood is often used in furniture).

BESTOOL brush makes the hair healthier and shinier with the help of boar bristles and nylon pins. Bristles add volume and shine by spreading out oil which your hair desperately needs, while nylon pins stimulate the scalp and induce oil production.

This is arguably the best brush for curly hair, due to its round design, durable bristles, and comfortable nylon pins. Note that you’ll also receive a brush cleaning tool and a carrying bag.


  • perfect for long curly hair
  • durable and sturdy
  • comfortable and elegant grip
  • comes with extra equipment
  • excellent for detangling


  • not an ideal scalp masseur
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Dovahlia Bristle Hairbrush

Dovahlia Hairbrush can be used by anyone, men, women, and children. It helps reduce the frizziness, detangles the hair (without pulling or damaging your hair), and makes it shinier.

This brush is engineered for those with medium to thick hair. It is very gentle, ideal for brushing your kids. It also prevents the accumulation of oil on the scalp by distributing the oil and feeding it to your hair.

The handle is made of bamboo, making this hairbrush very durable and lightweight. You will also receive a carrying bag (made of recyclable material), and a premium wooden comb (good for detangling and styling the hair).


  • lightweight but sturdy
  • eco-friendly material
  • ideal for thicker hair
  • excellent for children
  • comes with a free wooden comb and carrying bag


  • not good for thin hair
  • the plastic pins should be more durable
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Decode Beauty Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Decode Beauty features a mixture of genuine boar brushes and nylon pins. Boar bristles distribute the oil, while nylon pins massage the scalp. The rubber is safe to use, toxic-free and odorless, even after extensive use.

This brush withstands heat very well and can be used in combination with a hot blow dryer. The handle is cushioned and features curved contours, allowing firm but comfortable gripping.

Its nylon heads are quality made, and help reduce frizz. Tips are well rounded, preventing stretching and hair pulling (perfect for kids). The main body is made of bamboo, which is known for its sturdiness, and anti-bacterial qualities. Overall, we can concur that Decode Beauty brush is one of the best hair brushes on our list.


  • lightweight and broad brushing head
  • good mixture of bristles and pins
  • quality made nylon pins
  • nurturing and relaxing
  • anti-bacterial, safe to use


  • not the best anti-frizziness brush
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Desert Breeze Natural Hairbrush

Desert Breeze boar bristle brush is the most expensive product on our list, but also the one that features a lot of long boar bristles and zero plastic/nylon pins, which can be good and bad.

This brush is the product of 100 years old family business. It is made and designed in Germany, out of local material. Wood is grown locally, cut, and then molded into the handle. Desert Breeze Natural Hairbrush only use first cut bristles, which are the best (the second cut already delivers flimsier and shorter bristles).

Due to its long and firm 100% boar bristles, we would say that Desert Breeze Natural Hairbrush is by far the best detangling brush. Unfortunately, it is a bit expensive, and cannot be used for massaging your scalp.


  • 100% natural, made in Germany
  • uses only boar bristles
  • extremely durable, fine crafted
  • elegant and simple design


  • expensive
  • not recommendable for soft and thin hair
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BESTOOL Hair Brush-Boar (Oval)

Oval BESTOOL boar bristle brush is less expensive than their round brush, but also of less quality. Its material is cheaper, especially the rubber cushion, which does give away that odor of cheapness. But, the smell goes away with time, and you’re left with the fairly decent item, considering the price. 

Its boar bristles are sturdy and durable, suitable for light to medium density hair. It is also suitable for dismantling fizz and knots, due to the excellent combination of nylon pins and bristles.

This brush is very comfortable to use and feels just amazing on your scalp. It’s not the most durable brush but is still a reliable option, especially for people with thin straight hair.


  • extremely inexpensive
  • comfortable to use
  • ergonomic bamboo handle
  • extensive nylon pins, excellent for messaging


  • lacks durability
  • followed by cheap rubber odor
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Dovahila Boar Bristle Hair Brush

This Dovahila Boar bristle brush is the best hair brush for normal and thin hair, due to its large brushing head and bristle/pin density. It can be used for brushing long full hair, but you’ll have to brush in sections.

Like previous Dovahila brush, this one also comes with wooden comb, perfect for detangling. The brush (and comb) are recommendable for both men and women. This Dovahila is for people who prefer gentle brushing, and for those who put a lot of effort into making their hair beautiful.

This brush is 100% natural, and surprisingly inexpensive. Both the brush and the comb are amazing, turning this Dovahila boar brush into the one of the best, if not the best hairbrush on our list.


  • provides gentle brushing
  • improves hair health
  • comes with a quality wooden comb
  • 100% natural material


  • not recommended for thick and long hair
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Beauty By Earth Bristle Brush

If previous brush (Dovahila) wasn’t the best, then Beauty By Earth brush definitely is. It works with all hair types and styles but is the best brush for fine hair. It isn’t good for detangling, only for nurturing and soft brushing.

The brush is very nourishing, featuring sturdy boar bristles in combination with white nylon pins (with black tips). It is safe to use and brushes quite smoothly. Hande is made of bamboo and is very eco-friendly. It’s not expensive either but is well designed and built.

According to a lot of users, Beauty By Earth Bristle Brush is one of the best brushes on the market, due to its reasonable price, smooth design, and perfect manufacturing execution. 


  • value for money
  • made of quality material
  • sturdy and durable
  • very nurturing
  • soft brushing (no pain)


  • not ideal for detangling
  • not the best brush for thick hair
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Final Words

Using bristle hairbrush on a day to day basis can significantly increase your hair health and looks; all you have to do is make sure you are using the proper tool for the job. Make sure that brush is recommendable for your hair type, that you like the material the product is made of, and that you are comfortable with using your brush.

You should feel good when you are brushing your hair: if the brush is making you uncomfortable, maybe it’s time to find another brush. The good news is that, if you are ever in need of finding the best hair brush, you can always return to this article for more information.

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