The Best Bread Boxes – 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


We know what you’re thinking. You read the word “bread box” and you were immediately thrust into a picture of the 50s in a vintage kitchen. But bread boxes aren’t exactly a thing of the past. Though it might have been awhile since you’ve done anything with your store-bought bread except throw it in the fridge or the cabinet, plenty of people are still using bread boxes to keep their bread fresher longer. Not only that, they’re also continually utilizing bread boxes to create the look they want for their kitchen. SO put you your waffle maker away for just a second and listen up…

Now that we’ve got your attention focused in on bread boxes, you’re probably considering going to get one, right? You’ll get all prepped, get your reading glasses on, and get down to business doing your research. You sit at the computer, you get ready to read, when you suddenly realize that there are hundreds – no, no, thousands – of bread boxes available for purchase on dozens upon dozens of websites. 

How will you choose the best one? What if you pick the wrong bread box for you and your family? The stress and overwhelming amount of possibilities might make the bread box idea seem like too much too soon, but don’t fret! We’ve done all the hard work for you and picked out the best of the best bread boxes that are available on the market. So kick back, relax, grab a slice of bread, and read up on these six bread boxes with full confidence knowing that no matter which you pick, you’ll be doing something right! 

But first, let’s talk about why we should focus in on bread boxes at all. 

Why a Bread Box? 

Bread boxes were a big deal in the early days when packaging and plastic wrapping hadn’t been invented and weren’t commonly circulated amongst everyday people. Bread boxes, in fact, were the only thing standing in the way from the elements that kept fresh loaves of bread all fresh and ready to be consumed. If bread spent time outside of the bread box, with no modern-day plastic to shield it from drying out, it’s likely the bread would quickly go stale.

But why bother with bread boxes now that we do have modern-day packaging? 

For starters, it can help keep bread extra fresh even with the modern packaging. Breadboxes are designed to keep your bread at room temperature to prolong edible storage team and get rid of the prospect of drying out too quickly. It also allows your bread to be protected from the elements, but with al id that’s loose enough to allow airflow to reduce too much condensation, which, could result in the development of mold. It’s also a great layer of extra protection from any bugs, dirt, or disease that could try to penetrate your bread. In addition, it’s also a great feature for the look of your kitchen. 

Our Top Six Bread Box Picks 

We’re finally to the part you’ve all been waiting for, the bread box reviews. We’ve gone through and painstakingly sorted through dozens upon dozens of bread boxes to bring you the best on the market. So, sit back and get to reading, because we’ve got all the information on these six bread boxes that you could ever want.

Happy hunting! 

Home-it Stainless Steel Bread Box

If there was an award for bread box design of the future, this awesome Home-it Stainless Steel bread box for the kitchen would win, hands down. The stainless-steel design does more than just make for a sleek appearance, it helps to keep the elements, bugs, and other gross things out of the bread box at all costs! This bread box contains a swing door that opens and closes smoothly in order to keep your bread box cool, dark, and fresher than ever. What’s better? It has a large capacity bin that’s got the ability of hold a hefty amount of bread or baked goods. Sitting at 16.5x10x8 inches, the Home-it Stainless Steel Bread box for your kitchen is the ultimate addition to your home!

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Space Saving Extra Large Bread Box with Eco Bamboo Cutting Board Lid 

If you’re looking for function that doesn’t sacrifice for fashion, then this Space Saving Extra Large Bread Box with an Eco Bamboo Cutting Board Lid is going to be the pick for you. Not only does this bread box house an astounding amount of bread and baked goods, it also prides function over everything by giving you a cutting board as a lid where you can cut your bread. Crumbs on the cutting board? No problem! Simply flip the lid over and release them back into the bread box or walk the lid over to the trashcan and toss the crumbs out! This bread box is built to last, too! It’s not rickety, won’t falter like many of the roll-top bread boxes do, and has a sturdy, thick, metal construction.

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Creative Co-Op Enamelled Metal Bread Box 

Looking at this bread box, it’s the best of both worlds. It’s a classic feature for a vintage kitchen, but this particular bread box has a modern, urban design, allowing you to bring the form and function of kitchens of the past into your modern-day aesthetic. This breadbox offers you a snazzy design, but also delivers when it comes to function. For example, this bread box measures larger than our first two on the list, coming in at 13.5×8.5×12, but it also gifts you with the modern day, urban kitchen look you’ve always dreamed of! Crafted with metal and showcasing a typograph motif, this vintage-inspired-but-very-modern box will be the charming addition that your kitchen absolutely must have!

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Home Basics Metal Bread Box with Lid

What’s more fun than a little pop of color in your kitchen aesthetic? A little pop of color that brings you a whole lot of function! This Home Basics Metal Bread box with a lid is one of the best culminations of function meeting fashion on this entire list. Not only does it come in a few different, fun colors (including basic black and retro red), it also provides you with a compact but effective box to store all your baked goods and fresh breads. Clocking in with dimensions at 9.5×16.7×6.5, it’s certainly smaller than our other boxes, but it makes up for size with its durability. This bread box is coated with a durable powder coated steel that makes tarnish, rust, and damage a thing of the past.

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SveBake Bread Box for Kitchen Counter 

High-capacity bread hoarders, this one’s for you. Meet the SveBake Bread Box for your Kitchen Counter. Coming in at a good price on Amazon, this SveBake Bread Box is a hefty container that’s dedicated and designed to keep your bread and baked goods as fresh as ever. This box measures 17.25x8x6.3, making it one of the longer bread boxes on our list (great for baguettes, by the way). It has a spacious interior with plenty of room to stock up on your favorite baked goods! It has a vintage look, which we love, and a convenient design with a bamboo lid that doubles as a cutting board. The side handles are easy to grip and won’t slip, and the actual box itself is made of durable, powder-coated steel that’s resistant to chips, cracks, and rust. What’s best? It’s BPA free and safe for your family to eat directly from. 

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2-in-1 Modern Bread Box 

This mindful design bin takes innovation to new heights. With the 2-in-1 modern bread box, this design is set up to allow bread room to breathe but keeps mold and moisture out. How? The Mindful design bread bin features a non-airtight seal. Even better, it has a bamboo lid that doubles as a cutting board, allowing you the convenience of both storage and space for cutting up your bread. It’s a perfect box for small spaces, measuring in at 13.25x7x5, but this also means it’s not the most ideal box for holding hefty amounts of bread and baked goods! 

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Our Final Thoughts on Bread Boxes 

As we said before, bread boxes have dozens of attributes. Not only are you able to keep your bread fresher longer, you’re able to better protect it from the elements, as well as provide your kitchen with a fun, quirky accessory that’s functional, too! 

Picking a bread box that’s just right for you, your family, and your kitchen can be tough, but we’ve tried our best to ease the process for you. No matter what bread box you decide, remember that you can find the perfect balance between fashion and function, so don’t lose heart if you aren’t able to decide right away. Take your time, weigh your options, and pick the bread box that makes the most sense for you! The reward will come when you pull out a fresh slice of bread from your carefully selected box that fits perfectly in your own kitchen! 

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