Best Decaf Coffee 2022 – A buyer’s guide & honest reviews


Most of us drink coffee because through life’s many trials and tribulations, we have been beaten into a caffeine dependency. Some of us love coffee so much, we’ve even invested into some of the most incredible manual coffee grinders out there. A select few, however, have risen above this bleak reality and drink coffee as a beverage for taste and health benefits rather than artificial energy. These people are the best among us. And let me tell you, before I even go on, yes decaf coffee is great as is green tea. Plenty healthy choices out there.

For those who refer to the beloved bean water as coffee rather than “go juice,” there is an alternative to the caffeine-stacked grounds to which most of us are accustomed. This mythical option is known as decaf.

Decaf is the same as regular coffee in every way (opinions of purists aside) minus the caffeine. This is accomplished through specific preparation techniques that remove the majority of the stimulant. A few of these processes are: soaking the beans and using activated charcoal to draw out the caffeine, steaming the beans and then rinsing them with solvents, and utilizing carbon dioxide in conjunction with a charcoal filter to absorb the caffeine. 

For you, though, decaf coffee is made by ordering it at the counter of your local coffee shop or by placing the grounds in your coffee maker at home. All the hard work is done for you, which is pretty great.

What’s not so great is the inability of the human race to solve one of the universe’s most pressing questions: how does one remove all the caffeine from coffee? That’s right, even decaf varieties contain trace amounts of the dreaded stimulant.

Just how much caffeine remains after the sophisticated removal processes? Well, that can vary. As a general rule, all but about 5% of caffeine is eliminated. However, this number is not absolute and can fluctuate depending on the beans used and the process employed. Thankfully, there’s never enough caffeine in decaf for you to feel its effects.

Now that the technical side of things is out of the way, let’s talk about what decaf coffees are the best. That’s why you’re reading this, isn’t it? So, without farther ado, here are our top picks for the best decaf coffees on the market. 

No Fun Jo Decaf

When your drink is made of beans, it pays to be picky. Lucky for you, Jo Coffee does the choosing for you—so long as you choose them. They use only the top 2% of all Arabica coffee in the entire world. I don’t know if you know this, so I’ll make it very clear: there are a lot of coffee beans in the world. That’s dedication.

Not only is each artisan-roasted batch hand-crafted, it is certified as Fair Trade and USDA Organic. You can feel satisfied with every sip knowing that your coffee is not only a delicious decaf blend with naturally-occurring notes of blueberries and chocolate, but that it is also responsibly and ethically produced. No Fun Jo Decaf is truly one of the best organic (and regular) decaf options on the market.

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Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee

While it may not have a name you’d expect for a decaffeinated drink, Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee packs a punch (I mean kick) in plenty of other ways. As a dark roast blend, the flavor of this particular Central and South American mix is sure to blast your taste buds into blissful wonder.

Such power and grace must come at the expense of nature, right? Wrong. Not only does Kicking Horse Decaf crush the coffee competition, it does so while being Fairtrade, organic, and sustainably sourced. It’s rare to find a decaf coffee with such qualifications and such tremendous aromas and flavors. It’s even rarer for it to have such a cool name.

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Mommee Decaf Coffee

Sure, pregnancy is a miracle, but is it worth it? You become increasingly less mobile, begin to waddle, get cravings for the weirdest things at the most inconvenient times, and worst of all, you have to give up coffee. Well, not any more. Let us introduce you to a miracle that makes reproduction look like a card trick by comparison—Mommee Decaf Coffee.

This specialty coffee is designed just for moms—from conception to breastfeeding, and beyond. It is uses organic beans and sticks to a strict water-based process of decaffeination to avoid potentially harmful chemicals. It’s also Fairtrade certified and has a lower acidity than regular coffee, making it suitable for your extra sensitive stomach.

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Café Don Pablo Decaf

Everyone who knows coffee knows Colombian coffee is top notch. The problem is that with great coffee comes great caffeination. For this list, that’s a no-go. Thankfully, Café Don Pablo has managed to capture the unbeatable taste of Colombian coffee despite removing 99.9% of the caffeine!

I know you’re rolling your eyes in disbelief, but that smooth profile full of citrus flavors and chocolate tasting tones we all love Colombian coffee for is strong in Café Don Pablo’s decaf version. This miracle of decaffeination is even accomplished through a water-based process, meaning that there are no harmful chemicals present to harm your body or pollute your taste buds.

If you love coffee, this is a great choice. Every batch is small and artisan-roasted to ensure quality, flavor, and an overall exceptional decaffeinated experience. 

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New England Coffee Decaffeinated French Vanilla

When a company has been using the same methods successfully for over 100 years, you can be assured that one of two things is true: they’re doing something right or they’re extremely stubborn. When it comes to New England Coffee, the former applies.

They have perfected their roasting practices over some 100 years to produce consistently delicious coffee, and now they’re applying those techniques to their decaffeinated options. They even use it when producing their flavored coffee options, such as their Kosher certified French Vanilla Decaf.

What does all this mean? It means that when you buy a bag of New England Coffee, even decaffeinated versions, you are guaranteed a tasty sip of history. In this case, that sip is full of vanilla and Arabica Beans. Delectable.

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Kirkland Signature Dark Roast

Not all delicious decafs come from companies with fancy names and artisan roasters. In fact, there are a few heavy hitters in the decaffeinated coffee gang that compete with those more artistic options. Kirkland Signature, for example, has taken their classic dark roast and removed nearly all of the stimulant from it while still retaining the convenience, taste, and price point of the original blend.

While it may not have the tagline of organic or artistic renderings adorning the packaging, Kirkland Signature Dark Roast really doesn’t need such things. Why? Because the product speaks for itself. It is far and away one of the best decaf coffees available while remaining affordable and accessible. 

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Folgers Decaf Black Silk

History matters, especially when it comes to coffee. Why, you ask? Because even with new roasting techniques, nitro-cooled iced drinks, and all sorts of other complicated processes you probably haven’t even heard of, a classic approach to coffee making stands the test of time.

Folgers understands this—that’s why they’ve been around since the 1850s. As they’ve grown through the years, they’ve perfected their incredibly smooth blend into an irresistible mix of flavor and texture. Their motto “The Best Part of Wakin’ Up” holds true with this decaf option that definitely deserves a spot on our list and in your morning routine.

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San Francisco Bay Decaf French Roast

When do we want coffee? All the time, yes, but especially in the morning! Consequently, we’re often pretty groggy when we go to make that first cup, and if you forgot to set the coffee maker the night before, you’re probably pretty upset.

So, what is the solution for us forgetful folk? K-cups! Thanks to the wonderful inventor of the convenient little coffee pods, making coffee in the morning is easy even for half-asleep zombie people. San Francisco Bay has embraced this convenience and become a savior for those who want an easy solution to quick coffee, delicious flavor, and—wait for it—decaf. 

Despite being packaged in tiny pod form, this Decaffeinated French Roast uses the same intense roast you would find in the brand’s regular options. That means you not only avoid caffeine and have the convenience of single-serve pods, you get to enjoy the bold and delicious flavor for which San Francisco Bay is known.

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Our Final Thoughts on Decaf

Personally, we love coffee of all kinds. Decaf, regular blends, espresso shots, cold brews—you name it, we’ll drink it. We won’t judge you for choosing decaf over all the other fantastic options. Whether you’re an expecting mother, someone who is trying to cut back on their caffeine intake, or in a totally unique circumstance that prevents you from partaking of the holy energy nectar, we understand.

That’s why we compiled this list—so no matter what your preference, you’ll be able to find the best decaf coffee for you!

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