Best Dryer Sheets 2022- Reviews And Buyer’s Guide


For many, the smell of freshly laundered clothing is absolutely delightful. Sometimes the feel of the clothing, however, does not match the scent. You can keep your clothes ultra comfy when you incorporate the best fabric softener and dryer sheets into your laundry artillery. 

There are an abundance of brands and types of laundry sheets. For this reason, you should consider the quantity, competency, ingredients and smell of the dryer sheets you choose. Once you decide on these things, you will be ready to sort through the different brands to choose the best sheets for yourself and your family. 

Buyer’s Guide 


Dryer sheets can be purchased in large or small quantities as with most other products. Select the best dryer sheets for you by considering how often you intend to use them. Mass quantities are best if you will use the dryer sheets often. Another tip is to make sure you like the dryer sheets before investing in a large package. You can do this by getting referrals or buying a small pack first to test the waters. 


Laundry detergent often does a pretty good job giving your clothes a light clean scent, so the addition of dryer sheets and fabric softener should bring something extra to the table. Your dryer sheets should make your clothes noticeably softer. On top of that, you should purchase the best fabric softener that can get rid of any static. Static reduction means cling-free clothing, which will give you the perfect fit. 


The components of dryer sheets can be either organic or artificial. Quite naturally, these ingredients are generally safe. Allergy sufferers and those who have sensitivities may experience flare-ups from certain ingredients in the dryer sheets. To avoid this issue, you should purchase dryer sheets designed for those with sensitivities 


The scent you select for your dryer sheets and fabric softener will, in essence, determine how you smell. You can choose the scent that best reflects your likes so that you can be swaddled in the aroma that appeals to your senses. 

Product Reviews 

Bounce Outdoor Fresh Fabric Softener Sheets

Bounce makes some of the best dryer sheets because these nifty sheets will help banish wrinkles from your clothes while simultaneously keeping them supple. These dryer sheets also work to reduce static so that your clothes will not cling to your body. 

Your clothes will look as they were intended to since Bounce sheets will help keep lint and hair at bay. Bounce dryer sheets accomplish all of these feats while remaining safe for use on colored clothes. One sheet will soften and deodorize a small or medium load. Larger loads will require two sheets, and a super large load will require three sheets. 

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Downy April Fresh Fabric Softener Sheets 

Downy has been on the forefront for making some of the best smelling fabric softener. Your clothes will remain fresh long after they were dried with the lovely April Fresh scent. Plus, your clothes will no longer cling and they will feel softer. Larger loads will benefit from adding more than one sheet. 

Similarly, you can add more sheets to your dryer if you want a stronger scent or extra softness. To reap the most benefits from the fabric softener dryer sheets, you can use it in combination with the Downy Fabric Conditioner, which will eliminate even more static and leave a more delightful scent. 

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Snuggle Plus Fabric Softener Sheets 

Snuggle’s Super Fresh fabric softener dryer sheets says it all with the name. Your clothes will have an extremely fresh scent due to the incorporated odor elimination technology. Whether you select the Original or Everfresh scent, your clothes will be left with the same great smell since they both have the same ingredients. 

Tossing a Snuggle Plus dryer sheet on top of your wet clothes will leave you with less static and freshness that releases spontaneously. These dryer sheets are safe to use in HE and standard dryers alike. 

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Gain Dryer Sheets

The Gain scent packaged into sheets makes for one of the best smelling dryer sheets on the market. Adding Gain dryer sheets into your load of clothes will decrease static production and leave them with a distinct smell. For those who do not enjoy ironing, these sheets will likewise reduce the wrinkles in your clothes. 

Developing a regimen with all of the Gain products (detergent, fabric softener, scent beads) combined with the dryer sheets can give you fragranced clothing for over a month. The end result of drying your clothes with Gain dryer sheets is soft fabric that smells great. 

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Arm & Hammer Dryer Sheets

Arm & Hammer is one of the leaders in all things naturally fresh. These dryer sheets will ward off static and give your clothes a fresh scent. It is fragrance free, which means it contains no dyes or fragrances. Moreover, your clothes will not cling to you with every movement. You can boost the effects of the dryer sheets by adding more than one to your load of wet clothes. 

Larger loads can instead begin with two sheets. However, you are more than welcome to add additional sheets for maximal effects. These sheets can double as deodorizers for your home. All you have to do is place an unfolded sheet in your closet or drawers to maximize the freshness of your clothes. Do not place the sheet in direct contact with any of your fabrics. 

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Purex Mountain Breeze Dryer Sheets 

Mountain Breeze scented dryer sheets from Purex give your clothes a stimulating scent in addition to reducing the amount of static. Decreased static means decreased clinginess when you put on your clothing, which is great. For a more conspicuous scent, you can choose the Springtime Floral Blooms sheet from Purex. 

These sheets can be used to freshen your home, too. All you must do is place the sheet inside areas where you keep your clothing. If using Purex dryer sheets with synthetic clothing, you should dry on low heat. Large loads will use a minimum of two dryer sheets, but you can always add more sheets for extra softness and freshness. 

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All Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets (Sensitive Skin)

All has the backing of dermatologists because these dryer sheets specifically for sensitive skin will not leave behind skin irritants. Your clothing will still benefit from the static reduction standard dryer sheets give. 

All dryer sheets are hypoallergenic without any dyes or fragrances. As a result, you can enjoy comfortable, fresh clothing without any flare ups. You can get the ultimate cleanliness by using the All laundry detergent and fabric softener along with the hypoallergenic fabric softener sheets. 

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Grab Green Natural Wet Dryer Sheets

These dryer sheets are reusable to allow you to get the most value for your dollar. Your clothes will be softened and have less static that causes them to cling. Additionally, these hypoallergenic dryer sheets are fragrance free, which makes them perfect to use for individuals with skin allergies. 

As the name implies, these dryer sheets are greener than the average brand. They do not include any toxins, animal fats or waxes. Everything used in these dryer sheets is derived from natural materials. The plant and mineral-based ingredients will give you the powerful clean you want to add freshness to your favorite garments. 

You can additionally use Grab Green dryer sheets to get rid of pet hair around your home by wiping the sheet across the hair-covered surface. Fabric softeners in the sheets make them an excellent choice to get rid of that pesky squeak from shoes, too. You would just wipe the sheet across the bottom of your shoe. 

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Wool Dryer Balls 

These wool dryer sheet balls are eco friendly and reusable. This means they are great for both you and the environment. You will find these balls are great at reducing the amount of lint and wrinkles present on your clothing. It is a completely natural product compared to chemical-laden commercial brand dryer sheets and balls. 

These extra large balls will pack a hefty punch because your clothes will be ultra fresh and your electric bill will shrink before your eyes. This is because the wool dryer balls will cut the drying time for loads by 25%. 

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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dryer Sheets (Geranium) 

Mrs. Meyer’s dryer sheets exhibit softening effects to keep your clothes supple and free from static. These products do not contain animal products, nor are they tested on any animals. The dryer sheets pull their softening effects from the vegetable-based softening agent in its ingredients along with essential oils. 

Wearing your clothes throughout the day will be like aromatherapy because the geranium scent will help calm your mind and bring you a sense of peace. You can rest assured that Mrs. Meyer’s will be tough on soiled clothes, but they are ever so gentle on your skin and the environment. 

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You can now see how dryer sheets with fabric softener can keep your clothes cleaner and fresher for longer. The options for dryer sheets are numerous as they come in different scents and have different abilities. You should always consider how much laundry you do on the regular, which will dictate the amount of dryer sheets you need. 

One sheet is normally enough to get the job done, but for large and super large loads, you should toss in a minimum of two sheets. It is best to get a dryer sheet that will additionally give you anti-wrinkle and anti-static effects because this will help cut down on ironing time. 

Smell is similarly important. You can choose to get natural scents, no scents or floral and fruity scents. The choice is up to you. Some people are more prone to allergies and skin senstivities, in which case they should purchase hypoallergenic dryer sheets. Review the ingredients of the dryer sheets you select to make sure they align with your values for a product. 

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