Best Earl Grey Tea – 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


Picture yourself as a sophisticated individual. You’re sitting by a lovely indoor fireplace that is crackling merrily. Your chair is plush, your feet are propped on a tasteful ottoman. To your left there is a meticulously crafted side table holding a book, a pipe, a pair of glasses, and a cup of… what?

Earl Grey tea, of course! Don’t even tell me you were thinking of green tea.

There is no beverage that screams relaxation, sophistication, and refined taste quite like Earl Grey tea does. So, now that you know exactly what you’ll do as you take dainty sip from your 18th century China teacup, you might want to know what is actually in Earl Grey.

This particular beverage is a mixture of several teas, though the blend varies dependent on who is crafting it. This means that few of the teas marketed as Earl Grey are the same. There are, however, a few key components that find their way into almost every iteration of Earl Grey. Of these, only oil of bergamot, which is derived from a particular type of orange, is a constant.

As with most black teas, there is a bit of naturally-occurring caffeine in Earl Grey. Typically, this caffeine content is limited to around 40 to 60mg, or less than half the amount found in an average cup of coffee. This number can vary wildly, however, due to the multiple blends of tea that are deemed Earl Grey.

Other than being delicious and giving you the appearance of being an intelligent, classy individual, Earl Grey has several beneficial traits that make it worth drinking. The trace amounts of caffeine make it the perfect pick-me-up for late afternoons. At the same time, Earl Grey can be a helpful natural option for calming those who have anxiety. It is truly a drink of many trades.

Such a splendid beverage must require several quests and the defeat of the final tea boss, right? Not quite. Preparation is actually quite easy, though not nearly as heroic. Simply grab a blend, whether loose leaf or packaged, and allow it to seep for the time according to the desired strength of the brew. 

Now that you’re an Earl Grey expert, please read on to discover your new favorite variations of the classic drink. 

Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme

No, Harney & Sons is not a new traveling circus you and the kids just have to see. It’s actually one of the best Earl Grey tea options on the market right now. If you doubt that assertion, consider the word “supreme” in the name. Doubt destroyed.

In all seriousness, this delightfully appointed tin of 20 tea satchets contains enough deliciousness to drop kick your tongue into joyful stupor about 40 times. If you love floral tasting notes with hints of honey that sneak up and roundhouse that area of the brain that says “yum,” this is the drink for you.

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Stash Tea Double Bergamot Earl Grey

If the key ingredient in Earl Grey tea is bergamot oil, then double the bergamot must mean this tea is twice as good—that’s our theory, at least. Stash Tea prides itself on quality, and this option is no exception. Each individually packaged tea bag is full of premium tea leaves saturated with that distinct citrus flavor of bergamot.

If you’re looking for a unique take on a classic that both pushes the limits and adheres to tradition, this is the Earl Grey for you. Double the bergamot oil may not necessarily equate to twice the delicious, but it has to be close. You be the judge.

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Davidson’s Tea

There is some debate amongst experts, but we believe teamaking is a spiritual experience. If you are an unbeliever, consider partaking of Davidson’s Tea. This Earl Grey option takes the creation of the tasty and wholesome drink to another level by packaging it in loose leaf form.

Davidson’s Tea is consistent in their company philosophy, offering only USDA Certified Organic and Fairtrade Certified Earl Grey. Not only is it good for you and your taste buds, it’s produced ethically with both the earth and those who farm the leaves in mind. This option is delectable and will leave you with a clear conscious.

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Harney & Sons Earl Grey Imperial

When you make it onto a “best of” list twice, something must be going right. Maybe the stars aligned and the heavens blessed Harney & Sons with the ability to make magical tea—or maybe they worked hard to perfect their craft and now they just make some of the best teas on the planet. Either way, we’re glad they’re crafting such amazing drinks.

Once again, the 30 satchets come in an elegant tin that you’ll be proud to leave on your kitchen counter instead of hiding away in your cabinet. So, what makes an Earl Grey Imperial? A little extra of the good stuff—that’s right, bergamot. This tea is smooth, citrusy, and perfect for any occasion, from fancy brunch to an evening cup alone.

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Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey

This blend of Indonesian and Indian teas, in partnership with the beautiful citrus tones of bergamot, create the wonderful explosion of flavor that is Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey. Whether you are a diehard tea drinker or the casual tea sipper, this option will satisfy your taste buds and your soul.

That’s not the only reason Taylors of Harrogate is one of the best Earl Greys on the market, though. Their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices extends not only to the earth and the farms that grow the teas, but also to the people involved in each step of the process. That means the environment and the communities will thank you when you choose this enticing tea.

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Tazo Earl Grey

Some tea companies spend years finding the best methods to grow and harvest their own tea. Others scour the globe for the best leaves in existence. Tazo falls into the latter category. They handpick tea sourced from communities worldwide to ensure that they are using the exact type and quality best suited for their blends.

As they search the world over for the perfect leaves to compliment each other, they don’t just grab and leave. Instead, they partner with Mercy Corps to influence lasting changes for positivity the communities they encounter. 

The end result of this extensive quest for delicious teas and constructive change? A tea that deserves a spot on every list of the best Earl Grey options and a world that thanks the maker of that tea. When you drink Tazo, you win—along with everyone else who helped make that steaming cup possible.

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Bigelow Earl Grey

Started in 1945, this tea producer uses only teas grown on American soil. Not only is this an impressive commitment to one’s country, it also makes for a unique blend that is distinct amongst all others. Bigelow Earl Grey is the perfect mix of spicy and sweet with just the right among of citrusy tang.

The commitment this company has shown through three generations has allowed it to develop into American’s top specialty tea maker. It doesn’t stop at persistence and commitment, though. The quality and taste of the Earl Grey stand on their own. Using handpicked teas, genuine spices, and real flavors, Bigelow has created a truly special experience in each cup.

If you believe Earl Grey to be reserved for more sophisticated countries, give Bigelow a try. You will be blown away by the incomparable quality and flawless flavor profile of their Earl Grey. It truly deserves a spot on our list of the best Earl Grey teas.

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Our Final Thoughts

Tea is a versatile drink. It’s as at home at a brunch in the White House as it is on your side table when it’s just you and a good book. Maybe that’s why we love it so much.

Earl Grey has enough caffeine to make it a mild coffee alternative. It also has calming properties that can help those with anxiety or simply someone after a hard day at work. 

The blend of black teas and bergamot makes Earl Grey an interesting drink. The ability of its flavor profile to be manipulated based on what is incorporated into the mix and in what quantities means it can span a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Maybe we love Earl Grey because it’s versatile. Maybe we love it because it fits into our day, no matter the time or context. Maybe it’s because it’s so dang delicious. Or maybe it’s a combination of all three. Regardless, we hope you share our fondness for this delectable drink and consider trying at least one of the options we chose to include in our list of the best Earl Grey teas!

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