Best Fitting Panty 2022 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide


Much like pants, finding the perfect pair of panties can be a challenge for most women. Because we come in such a vast range of sizes and shapes, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to panty shopping. Today’s article is going to help relieve some of this burden for you by helping you find the best fitting panties for your shape and lifestyle. So grab yourself a glass of something tasty like cranberry juice, or wine (of course) and get comfortable. 

Whether you prefer high cut or low-cut, high waisted or low waist, full coverage or thong style, this list features some of the best panties for women across a range of styles. Before we get into the meat and potatoes, let’s take a look at some of the important factors to consider when choosing the best underwear that will offer you an outstanding fit: 

Buyer’s guide

Choosing the Right Style

Knowing which style panty is best for you comes down to analyzing several different factors. First, you will want to consider your body type and what level of support will make you more comfortable. Ideally, you will want to choose a style which eliminates any type of unwanted pinch. For example, women with a full rear typically find panties that provide full support on the back and will be not only the most comfortable but also the most flattering, while women seek to minimize the appearance of their stomach area will appreciate a supportive high waisted style. 

Additionally, you will want to consider the type of clothing that you usually wear. For example, women who like to wear a lot of tight clothing may find a thong style most appealing, however, many women prefer to wear fuller coverage boy shorts under loose clothing such as skirts and dress pants. 

Choosing the Right Size

when purchasing panties it is essential to check the size chart, and if possible look for consumer reviews which will identify whether a pair runs big or small or true to size. The one surefire way to ensure that your panties won’t fit is to buy the wrong size. 

No matter what, a pair of panties that are the wrong size for you will not give you the optimal fit you are seeking. When considering size it’s also important to consider the shape of your body including the width of your hips, waist, and thighs. Make sure that you choose a pair that is appropriately sized for you and all of these areas. For example, you will not want to leg hole that is too loose or too tight around your thighs, nor a waistband that sits too tight and pinches your skin, or one that is so loose it slides down. You can further avoid having your panties run up on you as long as you choose the correct size. 

Choosing the Right Material


Lastly, before purchasing your panties you’ll want to check out the material that they are made from. If you have a very active lifestyle, cotton will usually be your best friend thanks to its breathable nature. However, if you are someone who is regularly dressing up in fitted clothing, a pair of panties which are made from a supportive material such as nylon and spandex will be much appreciated by you. 

Product Reviews

Comfort Revolution Microfiber Briefs by Bali 

These ultra-comfortable and sleek panties are made from 100% imported nylon, and are definitely some of the best womens underwear on the market. They slide on easily and are machine washable. Although these panties are full coverage, they create a high-rise silhouette, free of indentation at the thighs. The elastic waistband is soft and flat and has been designed to prevent rolling. As an extra measure of comfort, there is no tag on these panties. 

These panties come in a variety of different patterns. The panties that are solid color seem to fit a bit better than those with patterns. However, most colors and patterns to fit true to size. One important aspect about the fit of these panties is that they will not ride up, and will keep their shape through the wash. 

The waist on these panties is a little higher than the standard but not so high that they hit at the waist. Generally, these panties will come up just below the navel. Most women who have tried these panties say that they are the most comfortable pair of underwear they have ever owned! 

Modern Active Boy Short Boxer Briefs by Sexy Basics

These versatile panties are great for anyone who lives an active lifestyle and needs great fit and comfort in one. Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, these panties will hug you in all the right places while still remaining breathable. Whether you are in two dancing cycling yoga or just want a great pair of panties that will stay in place while you sleep, or something more full coverage to wear under a skirt, these panties can do it all. 

The cotton on these panties has been brushed to make it extra soft. The waistband is flexible and sport-inspired. There are also additional elastic bands around the leg holes of these boxer briefs, which helps to keep the panties in place and prevent them from writing up during activities. 

Another great feature about these panties is that they are made with a quick drive technology, which means that any sweat that is absorbed during an activity will be quickly dried. Most women who have purchased these panties have said that panties are true to size. 

Cotton Stretch Hi-Cut Brief Panties by Amazon Essentials 

Made from 95% imported cotton and 5% Elastane, these machine washable panties feature a high cut design, and stretch ensures a comfortable fit. As an extra measure of comfort, panties are tag free, and most women report that these panties run true to size. 

One of the most excellent features about these panties is that although they are high cut, they still offer full coverage across the rear. Even for women who have wider hips and me typically have a difficult time finding panties that fit properly, these panties should do the trick. The waistband feels secure, but not too tight. 

However, if you are or less rolling around the tummy area, these panties are not recommended for you. Instead, these panties would be recommended for women who prefer a low waist panty. The stretch in these panties allows most women to get away with ordering a smaller size if they’re looking for a bit tighter fit. 

High Waist Tummy Control Thong Body Shaper by SEXYWG

For any woman looking for the comfort of stretch, the smoothing effects of a waist trainer, and the benefits of a thong, all rolled into one, these panties will be right up your alley. made from high-quality polyamide and nylon, these panties provide a strong elastic shape. Panties are reasonable, antibacterial, and moisture wicking. 

Comfortable enough for all-day wear, these panties are also machine washable. The bodice features a honeycomb design which enables these candies to double as a waist trainer. These panties can also double as a workout band or can be used for postpartum support. 

This bodice of these panties also includes four steel bones to keep the proper shape and fit throughout. Due to the nature of these panties, it is recommended that you check the size chart for making a purchase. That being said, most women who have purchased these panties recommend going up a size larger than regular. 

Comfort Cotton Stretch High Cut Briefs by Closecret

Although these panties are hand wash only, the extra bit of work it’s well worth it, thanks to their all-around flattering design. These panties are a great option for anyone involved in an activity like dance, where extra freedom at the hip and leg joints is vital. the high cut and moderate rear coverage of these panties definitely allow for that. 

It is important to note that these panties may not fit ideally on all body types. Any woman who prefers a lot of extra support around their tummy or rear will likely not find these panties comfortable. Most women who purchase these panties say that anyone with a standard waste ratio will find these panties the most suitable. 

Women who have very thin legs may find that leg holes are a bit loose due to the ultra hi-cut, but wearing them a bit higher on the waist seems to resolve this issue. As an example of proper sizing for these panties, women who wear a size 12 to 14 in pants that a large was a perfect fit. 

Cotton Stretch Vibrant Color Boy Short Boxer Briefs by Sexy Basics

Another great pair five sexy basics, these boyshorts are a bit longer than the standard boy short, heading around the upper thigh region. These panties are made from a very soft brushed cotton (95% cotton, 5% spandex). The fit is very flexible, so panties can double as sleep shorts, yoga shorts, or bike shorts. 

If you are a woman who is prone to chasing on your upper thighs, these panties will be the most ideal for you. Another great feature about this panties is that they come up a bit higher on the waist but are not a true high waist pair, and the completely full coverage provides a slimming effect. 

Most women suggest buying these panties in a size or two larger, particularly if you’re looking to avoid any cinching around the thigh area. Aside from this, you should expect a smooth fit while wearing these panties, and you should not expect any rollup considering they are the right size for you. 

Seamless Thong Panties by BAOMOSI

Made from 92% imported nylon and 8% spandex, these panties are actually incredibly soft. These panties provide a great fit for anyone who is looking for an ultra low rise. The materials are high-quality and are anti-odor and breathable. Quick dry technology is also incorporated into these panties. 

The thing that makes these songs so amazing when it comes to their fit, is there four-way stretch design, which offers a forming, seamless comfort. Assuming you choose the correct size for you, you should not be able to see any lines, which makes these dons a great choice for any woman who enjoys wearing tight clothing. 

It is best advised that these songs are only hand wash, as they may be too delicate for the machine. However, most women seem to agree that these songs are incredibly comfortable, and can even be worn on a jog. It is to be noted that these panties are quite tight, and so won’t be ideal for women who are looking for a bit more room. 

Full Cut Soft Cotton Brief Panties by Valair

If there was a prize for best fitting comfortable panties, these panties would take home the winnings. These panties are made from a preshrunk cotton that has been designed to be ultra lightweight. Although these panties are high waisted and full coverage, they are not your grandma’s panties. 

Instead, these panties will provide you with an ultra-flattering fit that is full soft yet stays in place throughout your busy day. With these panties, you will not have to worry about any riding up, pinching, or for unflattering indentations. 

These are among the best underwear for women, because they are very breathable, which is important for a full coverage pair. They are also very durable and can be easily thrown in the wash without wearing down. The leg holes are also large enough that they will not restrict leg movement the way that other pairs of full coverage panties will. 


No matter what type of woman you are, we hope this list was helpful in your search for the perfect pair. After all, nothing starts the day off better than pulling on a fresh pair of comfortable, well-fitting panties. Remember, if you notice your panties throughout the day, they probably aren’t fitting properly, so use the guides and examples above to make an informed choice. Once you find the pair that works best for you, make that your go-to style so you never have to suffer from panty-anxiety again!

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