Best FM2+ CPU 2022 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide


Nothing is more important in a gaming PC than the CPU. The CPU is the brain of your computer, and its power output and processing capacity will directly impact the kinds of games you are able to enjoy. If your processor is too weak, or too inefficient in how it processes large amounts of information, your gaming experience will suffer greatly!  And believe me, I’m an expert in this stuff. Don’t ask me how I got roped into writing this piece for review sherpas as well as one on AM3+ Motherboards but I love it really. 

That’s why we have compiled a list of the absolute best CPUs on the market. These are options for the best FM2+ CPU as well, which makes them the best CPUs for gaming by default. We will also only be discussing options that can be classified as the best AMD gaming processor, as they are currently the most popular and efficient on the market. 

We will start with a buyers guide, which will inform you of all the most essential factors to keep in mind when buying a gaming processor. Additionally, we will discuss each options individuals quirks, benefits, and flaws. Without further delay, let’s get started. 

Buyer’s Guide: 

When selecting the best am3+ motherboard for you, it is important to understand a few essential factors. To begin, your motherboard is responsible for what kind of load your PC can handle. A weak motherboard will not enable you to play the best, most visually impressive games on the market. Because of this, it is essential that you find an option that strikes a good balance between power and efficiency. 

Additionally, different pieces of hardware are designed with different kinds of PC software in mind. Most of these processors are known as gaming processors, which means that they are intended to be used video games. Other kinds of processors are meant to be utilized with editing programs or other kinds of media, which means if you aren’t much of a gamer, these options will be a better fit for you. Pay close attention to each option to ensure you are getting the best processor you can! 

Moving on, each processor also has its own unique processing speed. This means that a product with a higher processing speed will enable you to use more intense programs at a significantly faster rate. With a more powerful processor, not only will you be able to enjoy more impressive content, but you will be able to multitask more efficiently. A powerful processor will enable to have multiple intensive programs, like games, 4K movies, and editing programs, open at the same time, which means you will be able to engage in more activities for longer periods of time. It’s a win-win! 

Without further delay, let’s start breaking down our picks for the best gaming processors on the market. Each of these products has accrued stellar user reviews and has a lot of fantastic features for you to enjoy. They aren’t in any particular order, so go for the one you feel will be the best fit for you! Let’s get started. 

AMD Athlon X4 

The AMD Athlon X4 is a great option for anyone searching for the best CPU. With a ton of great options for power efficiency and saving options, it can enable someone to enjoy more intense pieces of media for longer periods of time. Additionally, the processor has a lot of great features for games. Things like enhanced physics and resolutions options can make already beautiful games look even better, so don’t be afraid to fiddle with the settings. 

The AMD Athlon X4 will be a perfect fit for you PC. If you are interested in long gaming sessions, don’t be afraid to give this stellar option ago. The processor even comes packed with a multitude of fantastic overclocking options, which means you won’t have to worry about making it even more powerful future. It comes highly recommended. If you’re looking for a great combination of efficiency and power, the X4 will deliver on all fronts. 

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AMD A6-7400K 

Next up is the AMD A6-7400K. One of the most recent options on our list, this processor features a lot of useful, cutting-edge features. If you’re looking for a future-proof option for your gaming PC, the AMD A6 is a potentially perfect fit for your rig. The processor can easily be placed into a preexisting rig as well, which means it’s a good option for anyone looking to upgrade an unsatisfactory piece of hardware. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, keep it in mind! 

The AMD A6 also has the distinction of being a good option for multitaskers. With the processor’s awesome power and speed, you will be able to enjoy a ton of different types of media all at once. Additionally, the processor supports next-generation resolutions, which can make it a great option for game developers or tech junkies. If you’re looking for a processor that will make your video games look insanely good, this is the option for you. 

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AMD Athlon X4 845 

The AMD Athlon X4 is another stellar options. The hardware will prove to be a great choice, as it excels in a ton of different ways. Frequently praised for its fantastic feature set and speedy performance, the Athlon X4 is a truly beloved piece of hardware. The Athlon is frequently used at tech shows and show floors to show off next-generation gaming technology, which is indicative of how powerful it truly is. This will be a wonderful option for anyone looking to take their gaming experience to even greater heights. 

The processor works wonderfully with the current generation of motherboards as well. When pairing the Athlon X4 with a current generation motherboard, you will find yourself really wowed with the results. Enhanced physics, AMD-specific graphics effects, and more are unlocked when combining these two pieces of hardware. Give it a go if you’re an AMD enthusiast! 

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AMD A8-7650K 

Another fantastic option, the AMD A8 is a real standout among gaming processors. To stand out in the crowded space, a piece of hardware needs to have it all: great customer support, a bevy of features, excellent aesthetics, and of course, speed and power. And guess what? The AMD A8 has all of these and much, much more. If you’re looking for a processor and refuse to sacrifice anything in the name of greater performance, the AMD A8 may just be the best option for you. Give a go if you’re looking for a truly feature-complete gaming experience. 

What are the processors specific features? There are so, so many. It shares many with the fantastic options that we’ve already talked about, but some are unique to it, such as its fantastic cooling options. The processor can automatically monitor your computer’s fans, ensuring that none of your hardware ever becomes too hot. Should a piece of hardware ever become overheated, your PC will suffer. That fact explains why this is such a wonderful feature to have. 

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AMD 7650K 

The AMD 7650K is a great option for tech enthusiasts. A blazing-fast piece of hardware, it will go a very long way in providing you with an exemplary video game experience. If you’re looking for high resolutions, next-gen effects, and wonderfully smooth framerates, this is the option for you. Additionally, because this a newer option, it is fully compatible with all recently announced features for AMD hardware. This translates to HDR and in-game photo functionalities for ALL your games. What’s not to love? 

If you want to have a really fantastic gaming experience, keep the AMD 7650K in mind. In prioritizes speedy performance and fantastic efficiency. It really is an amazing piece of hardware! 

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AMD Black Edition

The AMD Black Edition is yet another excellent option for your PC. This option, however, differs in that it prioritizes other types of media, and isn’t necessarily focused on games. The black edition will be a dream come true for anyone who finds themselves frequently using editing programs or music creation software. It’s designed to help these programs run quickly and efficiently without sacrificing performance or fidelity. 

The Black Edition still functions wonderfully with games, however. Just because a processor isn’t specialized for a given space doesn’t mean it’s incapable of operating within it. Just opposite: The Black Edition is just a slightly altered version of AMD’s already stellar lineup of gaming processors, which means this can be a great choice for any creative that still likes to get their game on. 

Give the AMD Black Edition a go if you’re looking to increase your productivity, or create an enjoyable work-life balance. It fills these roles wonderfully. 

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AMD A6-6400K

The AMD A6-6400K is a fast, efficient gaming processor. It performs wonderfully under stress and can function during even the most intense gaming sessions. This option has been designed for longevity, which means you won’t need to hesitate when going on twenty-four-hour gaming binges when you’ve got his monster in your rig. Additionally, the processor is fantastic when it comes to dispersing power throughout your PC, which means you won’t ever have to worry about hiccups or power outages. 

The AMD A6 also has functionality with some of AMD’s more recent displays. If you have FreeSync compatible gaming monitor, you will be able to enjoy screen-tearing free experiences. The technology performs this feat by matching your GPU’s frame output with your monitor’s framerate exactly, completely eliminating any and all annoying visual hiccups. Give this option a go if you’re really invested in obtaining the most visually smooth experience possible. 

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AMD FX 4-Core Black Edition 

The AMD FX 4-Core monitor will be a wonderful option for your gaming PC. The CPU excels in delivering a fast, stress-free performance. This model has been designed to function with a vast array of different PC types, which means there is a very high chance of it being a tailor-made fit for your PC. If you’re working with older or uncommon hardware, this may just the CPU solution you’ve been looking for. Additionally, this option will provide you with a bevy of great visual options, ranging from enhanced physics to wonderfully high resolutions. 

AMD Athlon Black Edition

This processor uses Athlon technology, a fact that translates to your CPU having more ‘brains’ to work with, which will ultimately provide you more processing speed. Athlon technology is a highly sought after feature, a fact that makes the AMD Black Edition’s value proposition all the more enticing. If this option sounds like an excellent fit for you and your rig, give it a go! 

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Finally, the AMD X2. This a wonderful all-around option, and is highly recommended if you’re looking for an all-purpose solution. It delivers great result when dealing with intense gaming and demanding software, and should be a wonderful fit for your PC. 

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Ultimately, any of these options can be a great fit for your rig. Make sure each option is compatible, and then have fun gaming! 

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