Best Glue For Ceramic 2022 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide


If you enjoy heavy-duty repairs, home-improvement ventures, or even just arts and crafts, odds are you understand how important it is to have a quality super glue on hand. And no, nail glue doesn’t count!!  Without super glue, your projects are at risk of coming undone at the seams — literally! Unfortunately, picking the best glue for you and your project can be a daunting task, as there are so many different factors to be mindful of.

Don’t fret!

We’ve got your covered. For a break down of the definitive best super glues on the market, keep reading the list below. Each of our selections features a bevy of awesome features that are sure to have you feeling great, and your project looking even better. Below, in our buyer’s guide, we will discuss some of the specific things you will want to be keeping an eye out for when selecting the best option for you and your creative endeavors.

Read carefully, and make sure the glue you’re most interested in is compatible with the project that currently has your attention. Not every glue is one-size-fits-all, and as such, it’s important to keep an open mind about what the current situation calls for. 

Buyer’s Guide: 

What is the best super glue? In a similar vein, what is the best glue for ceramics? There are so many different kinds of adhesives that selecting the perfect one for a given situation can be a seriously daunting task. In accordance with this fact, it’s important to keep a few different factors in mind. First, not every glue is right for every product. Some glues are stronger, some are lighter, some heavier, and some are made for use only with very specific kinds of materials. Even if a specific brand or product looks tailor-made for you, if it doesn’t match the situation, it’s, unfortunately, a no-go. That’s why there are so many different options in the space because so many different types of projects require a personalized approach. Not to fear, however. Each of our options listed below gives a comprehensive overview of the glue in question. So long as you carefully examine each option and its specific quirks, you should have no trouble determining which option is the best for your current project. You may even pick up some valuable information about which glue you should use for your NEXT project. 

Without further delay, let’s get right into it. These are our picks for the best super glues on the market. 

Gorilla Super Glue Gel 

Our first entry is an old favorite: Gorilla brand super glue. Perhaps one of the oldest players in the game, Gorilla has made a name for itself by producing a quality, flexible product year after year. One of the best things about Gorilla is that it can be used in just about every scenario. For any situation that doesn’t venture into the extreme, Gorilla will be more than enough to do the job. For instance, if you have an appliance with a hefty piece disconnected, Gorilla will be a perfect solution for getting it back working order. Have crafting project that requires to light pieces of paper to be held together? No problem. You would be hard-pressed to find a scenario where good-old Gorilla glue won’t be an effective solution. Of course, there are some places where the glue is better suited than others. If it were the best for EVERY situation, why would there be multiple iterations? If you feel like your patch-up job is standard, however, this option comes highly recommended. It’s a great choice to keep on hand for a rainy day or a quick fix scenario. 

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3M Ceramic Adhesive

Next up, for those of you who are dealing with more delicate materials, the 3M Ceramic Adhesive is wonderful option to consider. Designed from the ground up to pair well with ceramics and similar materials, this option will surpass all of your expectations in regards to its holding capacity. It really can’t be said enough: This stuff is STRONG. The 3M Ceramic Glue will keep even your most troublesome projects together without any issue. Even more impressive is how the substance claims that it can even help your projects survive small impacts. As great as that sounds, we don’t recommend calling them out on that claim. It’s a nice bit of reassurance, however. If you frequently work with glass and pottery materials, this can be a stellar option to keep on hand if things get out of hand. It’s highly , and it’s sure to impress. Is this the best glue for ceramic? 

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Clear Gorilla Super Glue 

You thought we were done with Gorilla Glue? Guess again! The company has spent such a long amount of time perfecting its craft that it would almost be more surprising if it DIDN’T have multiple entries on this list. The difference between this option and Gorilla’s previous placement is that this glue is packaged as a gel. What does that mean, exactly? Gels are intended to be a more malleable and space-filling adhesive solution, which translates to it being able to fit into tighter space more effectively. Not all repair jobs are as simple as putting two pieces together and letting the glue do the rest. Gels are the response to this oft-cited need. Say, for instance, you’re dealing with a crack in the surface of the product. If you tried to use regular glue, the adhesive would just build upon the surface of the target object, something that would only make the problem worse. Gels, on the other hand, are skillfully designed to fit into problem scenarios like these. If you’re dealing with a situation that requires more flexibility, then Gorilla Glue Gel gets a glowing recommendation. 

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Epoxy Glue

Epoxy Glue is one of the lesser known adhesive brands out there, and that’s a real shame. The manufacturer does a stellar job of delivering a quality product time and time again, and that can be seen in full force with there most recent super glue offering. This generation of Epoxy Glue has been revamped to deliver an insane amount of hold, and it really shows. If you’re looking for an adhesive that will last a remarkable amount of time, then you may want to seriously consider Epoxy glue. In addition to its incredible holding capacity, Epoxy glue is also resistant to erosion. Erosion can be summed up as the process of small pieces of debris causing the integrity of a given glue to lessen as time goes on. In short, a glue being resistant to that process is a very, very good thing. All these features come together to make Epoxy glue an excellent option for all of your adhesive needs. 

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Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue

Sometimes, there are jobs so precarious that even gels aren’t a good fit. In these cases, you’re going to want to consider a liquid superglue solution. What makes liquid so special? Well, the adhesive takes the shape of the matter from which it gets its namesake, making it by far the flexible option on the list so far. If you’re dealing with a problem area that is extremely far out of reach, so much so that you simply can’t access it with the glue bottle, then a liquid solution is quite literally your only option. Liquid glues can be used to access areas that are completely blocked, a fact that makes them the most specialized option on this list by a good margin. With that specialization comes a few caveats, however. Liquid glues are not a great fit for light or dainty pieces of material. If you’re working with a casual arts and crafts project, this won’t be the best solution for you. If you’re dealing with say, a leak in a far away pipe, however, liquid glues will soon become your knight in shining armor. For the most difficult problems, Loctite professional super glue should do the trick, and then some. 

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E6000 Craft Adhesive

E6000 craft adhesive is as heavy duty as it sounds. The glue is designed for the most difficult jobs and has the holding power of a super hero. If you’re dealing with two separated pieces of metal, or need to keep an important piece 100% secure, then you’re going to want to seriously consider this option. Considered one of the strongest adhesives in the game, E6000 craft adhesives use proven techniques to ensures your projects retain there structurally integrity well into the future. For these reasons and many more, we highly recommend it. 

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Bob Smith Industries Super Glue

Going back to basics, our next option is Bob Smith Industries Super Glue. A direct competitor to Gorilla Glue, this option will be a great fit if you have found the competition to lackluster. Overall, there isn’t too much of a difference between this and Gorilla Glue. Bob Smith brand superglue uses a more intense adhesive, which makes it a better option if you’re looking for a stronger hold, but it also doesn’t play as nicely with more dainty materials. This means that while it isn’t nearly as versatile as its rival, it does pack more of punch in some areas. Overall, the decision is yours, and both options make the grade handily. If you need an all-purpose solution with more of an emphasis on holding strength, then Bob Smith has you covered. 

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Bob Smith Industries Filling Super Glue

The rivalry continues! Just as Bob Smith’s previous offering was a direct competitor to Gorilla Glue’s standard option, this selection can be viewed as an alternative to other gel options. Just as with other options in the space, this gel can be used in more hard to reach areas, without sacrificing the holding strength in the same way liquid options do. Ultimately, gels are far messier and more prone to getting where they shouldn’t be, so the choice isn’t as cut and dry as it may seem. Regardless, Bob Smith Industries impresses with yet another high-quality option. It is highly recommended. 

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Pacer Tech Super Glue 

Pacer Tech is a great option for those working with more standard materials. A wonderful fit for paper and arts and craft supplies, Pacer Tech will be a tailor-made fit for more casual artists. While it isn’t suited for heavy duty repairs, it can still be a good option for some patchwork fixer-uppers. Give it a go if you don’t think you need anything extreme. 

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The Original Super Glue

While its name hasn’t yet been verified, the Original Super Glue does hold the quality of a brand that’s been around for a good while. Another excellent all-purpose solution, take this option for a spin if you want to see what being “The Original” really entails. Spoiler: It means it’s a very good super glue. 

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Each of these options are a potentially great selection for someone, so give each glue a careful look. Happy crafting! 

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