Best Green Tea Extract – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2022


Green tea might be the perfect convergence of deliciousness, caffeine, and health benefits, and no matter your reason for drinking it, that reason is the right one. From high-end blends to a can from the gas station (hey, we’re not judging, that stuff is amazing), there is an option for everyone and an occasion for each type. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with a good ole   cup of tea.

Taking green tea can help improve alertness, only increasingly your already genius-level thinking. Further benefits include combatting depression, aiding in weight loss efforts, relieving headaches, and helping ease discomfort for those with stomach and bowel issues, including Chron’s disease.

The health benefits of green tea do not end there, though. It is also taken as a natural supplement for those with Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, low blood pressure, and so on. Essentially, if you can name it, green tea is good for it.

One of the main questions that arises when people are introduced to green tea is how much caffeine it contains. Considering the burst of energy and focus it gives you, the answer may be surprising—a cup of green tea contains only a fraction that a cup of coffee does, about 10 to 50mg. You can also get decaffeinated versions, farther expanding the potential application of the tea.

For those looking to receive the benefits of green tea without the inconvenience of brewing a cup, there is an alternative that comes in easy-to-take supplemental pill form. This option can also save you from the delicious taste of the tea, should depriving your taste buds of pleasure be one of your hobbies.

The concentrated goodness from green tea leaves is extracted and turned into pill form, allowing you to reap the health and energy benefits that the brewed drink offers. For those looking to add a healthy element to their daily routine, this supplemental approach can be as convenient as taking a multivitamin. You can even purchase regular of decaffeinated versions—just like the tea itself.

So, what green tea extract is for you? That’s what we’re here to answer. We’ve done the hard work and research so you can read a quick list and have all the green tea extract knowledge you could ever need. No need to thank us (you’re welcome). Without farther ado, here are the best green tea extracts available right now.

Great Seasons Nutrition Green Tea Extract

This green tea extract has everything you could ever want in a supplement. Tapping into green tea’s natural properties, this particular extract focuses on accentuating antioxidants to help promote good health and prevent damage to cells.

The amino acids in green tea are also on full display in this supplement to help increase your awareness and reduce negative response to stress. Sounds like the perfect supplement for a hard work week, doesn’t it?

To give you peace of mind, Great Seasons Nutrition Green Tea Extract is manufactured in a plant that is registered with the FDA, so all of their production practices are by the book. 

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NOW Green Tea Extract

You want to start taking green tea extract for your body and mind. You want to feel better, lose weight, and be more awake at work. Those are great goals and we support you fully. If you want the best for yourself and the earth, though, you probably have to look a little harder for products that meet your strict ethical and moral concerns.

NOW Green Tea Extract is the buried treasure at the end of your search for a green option to your green tea dilemma. Their product is not only as quality as they come, it is created through sustainable initiatives to ensure a clean conscious and a healthy earth. 

If you’re still not convinced of NOW, consider their status as a family owned and operated business that has built itself into success since 1968. This commitment and hands-on approach means quality is consistent and the company’s guiding principles will remain in place. For evidence, look no farther than their involvement with self-enabling charities.

Do your body some good and help the world in the process. Talk about a win-win.

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Zhou Nutrition Green Tea Extract

Like most green tea extracts, Zhou Nutrition offers a straight forward ingredient list that relies on nature’s goodness to provide health benefits and boosts to your mood and energy level. So, what sets this option apart from the mainstream? Simple, the brand behind it.

Zhou Nutrition knows that claims of miraculous weight loss and complete life change are shiny and appealing to customers, which is exactly why they qualify those claims with a dose of reality. Every weight loss supplement requires an accompanying diet and exercise program—there are no magic pills.

Beyond offering you the antioxidants, mild caffeine content, and healthy amino acids of green tea extract, Zhou Nutrition gives you the truth. To us, honesty is the best quality, even if the quality of the product is top notch (which it is).

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Life Extension Mega Green Tea Extract

With a name like Life Extension, your product better be pretty impressive. Lucky for them (and even luckier for us), this green tea extract is more like really impressive. It offers all the benefits of green tea extract without the caffeine. That’s right, this extract is decaffeinated.

This is perfect if you are sensitive to caffeine, prefer to utilize a morning cup of coffee to get your daily caffeine, or are trying to cut back just a tad on the stimulant. The lack of caffeine also means you can implement this supplement into your diet without having to adjust any of your other caffeine intake. Consider it a risk-free trial run.

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Zenwise Health Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract provides a solid yet smooth energy boost due to its caffeine content and composition. So, what happens when you remove the caffeine? Hypothetically, part of that increase in energy and awareness (though not all) would dissipate, leaving you with only the other amazing health benefits of green tea extract. Bummer, right?

Well, Zenwise Health has found a way to supplement that potential loss by adding vitamin C to their extract. The benefits of this addition don’t stop at energy, though, extending to increase the natural power of green tea extract to aid in weight loss and cognition. Oh, and did we mention the ability of vitamin C to help boost your immune system? Pretty sweet.

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Nobi Nutrition Green Tea Extract

This extract is an all-natural option that relies entirely on nature’s bounty to produce a healthy and high-quality product. As an added bonus, the natural caffeine content means that the energy boost will occur in a smooth curve—no extreme highs or crashing.

Nobi Nutrition takes pride in its qualifications and certifications, and for good reason. This green tea extract is non-GMO, produced in an FDA-approved facility, and is made in the United States. While none of these factors make this product superior to any other by default, trust us and Nobi Nutrition—it is. If you’re unsure, you can try it risk free due to 60-day money-back guarantee. That’s the type of confidence in quality we like to see!

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Jarrow Formulas Green Tea

The final product on our list of the best green tea extracts is Jarrow Formulas. This is a quintessential example of “last, not leaf”—this extract very much deserves a spot amongst the best extracts on the market. 

From the natural caffeine that is perfect for a midafternoon jolt of smooth and productive energy to the antioxidant content that aids in everything from digestion to a general healthy feeling, this extract contains everything you look for in a green tea extract. If you’re looking for an exceptionally productive supplement of unquestionable quality to add to your daily nutrition regime, look no farther than Jarrow Formulas Green Tea Extract.

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Our Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to quick start your weight loss program or simply trying to feel better and be healthier, green tea extract can be a quick and effective way to achieve your goals. As always, you should check with your physician before committing to a new supplement, but once you do, we hope you’ll consider trying an option from out selection of the best green tea extracts on the market. You won’t regret it!

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