Best Matte Eye Shadow Palettes 2022: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 


Eye shadows are a really fun and creative way to not only enhance your make-up, but to also add some pop of color to your facial features. Some of the best eyeshadow colors are intended to bring out the color of your eyes and to draw more attention to your eye area. There are several different types of eye shadows. There are different textures of shadows, such as shimmer, satin, mineral, cream, and metallic, but there’s one shadow type in particular that has seen increasing popularity over the last few years – matte eye shadows. 

Matte eye shadows are really great for those moments when you need a natural look or you are going to a more professional event and you need a neutral eye color. Matte eye shadows make up some of the best eyeshadow palettes on the market. Matte eye shadows are available in many different colors and they are available at higher end make-up stores and drugstores. In fact, some of the best drugstore eyeshadows are mattes. 

Matte eyeshadows are usually really hard to blend out on the eyelid and usually require the customer to use a certain type of eyeshadow brush to blend out the product to show the color. Matte eyeshadows are also offered in make-up palettes as well. 

Matte Eyeshadows Buyer’s Guide 

When looking for the best matte eyeshadow palette, it’s important that you consider the colors inside of the palette itself. Are the colors in the palette ones that you can see yourself using all of the time? It’s important to ask yourself this question because some eyeshadow palettes are more expensive than others, and it would be wasting money if you bought a palette with, let’s say 10 eyeshadows, but you only use one of them. The best eyeshadow palette for you is the one that you will use the most and get the most out of your money’s worth. 

Matte eyeshadows can also be included inside of full make-up palettes. These palettes usually include a couple of different eyeshadows, a blush or two, maybe a few lip colors and sometimes, even a bronzer. These make-up palettes are some of the best makeup palettes for travel. However, most of the time, eyeshadows are available in palettes that are nothing but a certain number of eyeshadows all put together in one package. These shadows can be of all different textures and aligned in the package a certain way to let the customer know how each color and texture will look great on their eyes. Matte eyeshadows can also be purchased in specific matte eyeshadow palettes, in which every shadow in the packaging is matte as well. 

Top 10 Matte Eyeshadow Palettes 

There are several different matte eyeshadow palettes on the make-up market today. There are choice from higher-end make-up store and also some are available at many drugstores, such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy. Here are 10 of the best matte eyeshadow palettes on the market today. 

Urban Decay Naked Matte Basics 

Urban Decay’s Naked Basics palette is a completely matte palette that is smaller than many of the other matte palettes on the make-up market. This makes the palette really easy to pack if you are traveling. The formula of the eyeshadows in this palette is somewhat drier than the formula in the full-size Naked palettes, but it’s still the same high quality that you would expect from Urban Decay. The palette comes with six different neutral colors ranging from a light highlight shades to a dark matte black. They can be used in other ways on the face, such as a bronzer on the cheeks or the matte black could be used as a liner. The palette is really versatile and affordable as well. 

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I.T. Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette 

I.T. Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Matte palette has about 15 different eyeshadows that are creamy and easily blend well together and offers many different looks that can be accomplished. There is also a transforming pearl shade that if you want to change the color from matte to a more shimmery color, it’s easily achievable. There shades are somewhat muted, but they are able to be built up so that even if you are a beginner with make-up, you can keep “trying” to get your perfect look but not “cake” the eyeshadow on your eyelids. This palette is really good for older women that maybe have wrinkles on their eyelids because the formula will help smooth out the wrinkles due to the creaminess of the formula. This palette also offers a lot a product in each eyeshadow pan so that you will be able to use it for a long period of time. 

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Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette 

Tarte Cosmetics have really outdone themselves with the Tartelette palette. This palette features 12 eyeshadows and a really big, clear mirror that is usually not feature in many other palettes. The shadows in this palette are definitely matte shadows, but they are still very pigmented and are very easy to blend into each other or with other shadows. The shadows are different enough from each other that you could create a different look almost every day. There are several ways to make day, professional looks that would be acceptable to wear at work, yet you could easily transform them into night, clubbing looks in no time at all. These palette is also a really great option for travel because of the sturdy packaging. The mirror stands up by itself, which means less work for the customer – just open the palette and begin to create your look. 

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Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette 

Kat Von D has created probably one of the best matte eyeshadow palettes on the market today. Her Shade & Light palette has a look for just about everyone. This palette includes eyeshadows for those with warm skin undertones and cool skin undertones. The colors in this palette are definitely neutral mattes, but a majority of them have a warmer tone to them. Anyone could pick this palette up and even the most inexperienced make-up artist could create a stunning look with this palette. The palette is set up in the pattern of quads, so the ones are grouped together closely are supposed to be the ones that Kat Von D thinks would be the best ones to blend together to get a great “look.” However, you could pick any of the colors and mix and match them together to create a totally unique look. A lot of these shades can also be used as liners on the eyes and bronzers on the cheeks, making this palette a very versatile and a really great travel item. This palette also features are really great mirror, perfect for doing your eyeshadow on the go. 

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LORAC PRO Matte Eyeshadow Palette

LORAC’s PRO matte palette features eight shades that are totally matte and they are very neutral, warm toned shades. These shades are infused with botanicals that help nurture your skin all the while helping your eyes pop and demand attention. These shades are made to be used either wet or dry, so essentially, that means that this palette offers a different version of the eight original shades. These shades can be used as daytime looks for a professional workplace and they can be easily transformed into nighttime shades for a dinner on the town or a girl’s night out at a dance club. There are many different options with this palette, which makes it a must have in your matte palette collection. 

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e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Collection Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette 

Elf Cosmetics has always been known as one of the most affordable make-up lines in all of the drugstore make-up market. Elf has really stepped up with their make-up line in the last three years or so and this Mad for Matte palette further attests to this. This palette is a really great neutral palette that has colors that are great to wear every day to either work, school, or any professional event. There are also different ways to make nighttime looks with this palette quickly and effortlessly. This palette comes in a really slim and compact packaging as well, which makes this a really great palette for travel and a staple in your daily make-up bag. Mad for Matte is probably the best drugstore eyeshadow palette that is out on the market today. 

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Stila Eyes are the Window Palette in Mind 

Stila is a really great high-end make up brand that is famous for their eye shadow and eye brow products. This matte palette includes 12 different shadows that are arranged with cooler tones as well as warmer tones in the mixture of colors, making this a great palette for all skin tones. The great thing about these shadows is that they can be used either as wet shadows or dry shadows, which gives the customer a really great variety of shadows and makes the palette very versatile to use. The shadows are really pigmented and they last through the entire day of work or school without sweating off or beginning to need a touch up. The size of the palette is also really compact and great for travel or to just keep in your purse on a daily basis. 

Morphe 35N Pro Matte Palette

Morphe really took the idea of a matte palette over the top with this palette. This palette offers 35 different matte eyeshadows that can be mixed together for a unique look or they can be beautifully worn alone for a more timeless look. The Morphe matte palette is available in three different colors: Matte, Plum Matte, and Warm Matte. The palette is huge – it is really way too big to bring in your purse as a back-up or for a touch up. It’s definitely a palette that will most likely live on your vanity, however it will still probably get a lot of use. This palette features a velvety formula that makes putting these shadows on your eyelids a creamy but still very matte experience. The only negative thing about this palette is that it comes with 35 shadows, which means that there is a higher chance of some repeats of color tones in the shadows. But on the contrary, this could also save money, since when you hit the bottom of the pan on one color, you can just move to the next color that is closely similar to the empty one and then you don’t have to buy a brand new palette. 

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Too Faced Natural Matte Palette 

The Too Faced Matte Palette is another really great matte palette for travel. The packaging is really compact and would be easy to keep in your purse for a daily make-up routine or to touch up during the day. This palette comes with nine different and stunning matte shadows that are perfect for everyday looks. There are also a couple of different darker matte colors that are really smooth and blendable and would make a great nighttime look as well. The colors are really richly pigmented and they have incredible staying power, meaning that they will not be messy as you are trying to blend the shadows together on the eyelid itself. This palette works really well on all skin tones. It isn’t too harsh on pale skin tones either. This palette would be a great palette for older women as well as a girl who is just learning how to apply her make-up for the first time. 

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TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow Palette 

Meet Matt(e)! This matte eyeshadow palette from theBalm begins a really great friendship with matte eyeshadows with its nine shadows that are included in this palette. The eyeshadows are very silky, but the still come off as matte shadows. There are plenty of different colors that can be used to create daytime looks or nighttime looks and they are very high quality shadows, which is nothing less than to expect from theBalm. The palette itself is a very versatile palette, as some of the different colors can be used all over the face as eyeliner, bronzer, blush, etc. This makes the palette a great choice to keep in your purse on a daily basis for touch ups or to even let a girlfriend of yours try the shadow out for herself. The palette packaging itself also features a mirror and the pans inside of the palette are larger than most other palettes, meaning you get plenty of product that will last you as long as you need it to. 

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There you have it – ten of the best matte eyeshadow palettes on the cosmetic market today. These palettes are really great and have high quality formulas of their shadows, making them easily wearable and really great to work with when you are creating a new look or blending out your everyday look while getting ready for work. Try these palettes out sometime – you will not be disappointed!

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