The Best Pancake Griddle 2022 – Review And Buyer’s Guide


Pancakes. They’re the apple of your eye as a child, your haven as an adult, your escape to a better world and a better breakfast. The perfect pancake, it’s been thought, is the perfect cure for any malady. The perfect pancake, it’s been thought, is the ultimate reward for a hardworking week and a welcome to the weekend.

The perfect pancake, it’s also been thought, is a myth. And maybe, for a time, it was. Maybe the perfect pancake couldn’t happen. But as humans, we always strive to reach perfection, and when it comes to pancakes, we rarely mess around. Millions have tried to craft the perfect machine that can ultimately construct the ultimate pancake. While many have failed, there have been some successes.

We bring the good news of pancake perfection, and we bring it to you in the form of a review article that brings the best of the best pancake machines to you. Because listen, we get it. We understand the want to find the perfect pancake maker, but we also understand the overwhelming feelings that come with clicking through every pancake griddle on the market and wondering, “is this the one for me?”

It’s a scary thing, consumer question, and we’re here to clear as much of it up as possible.
But first, let’s talk a little bit about why you should consider investing in the right pancake griddle for you! Kick back, relax, and start thinking about the taste of those sweet, melt-in-your-mouth, buttery flapjacks that could be waiting for you!

Why Get a Pancake Griddle?

As much as we really want to entirely ignore this question (because seriously, why wouldn’t you get a pancake griddle?), we’ll dive deep into the reasons that you should invest in a seriously awesome pancake griddle.

For starters, it saves you a ton of time. We understand that pancakes don’t take an hour to cook, but we also understand that in a clutch situation, a quick, delicious pancake can do wonders for you and your family. Maybe it’s early in the morning and you’re running late to work — a pancake in a flash can make your day that much better. Maybe it’s a slumber party for your teenage kids and there’s a dozen mouths to feed in the morning – a pancake griddle can cut the time to make 12 pancakes in half.

Another reason for a pancake griddle? Consistency! Pancake griddles often provide you with the appropriate size, temperature, and conditions to make the perfect pancake every single time. And honestly, why would you argue with that?

Stop trying to make the perfect, consistent pancake on a regular pan over your stove. The way of the pancake griddle is now, and it’s the future of pancake perfection. You might as well hop on board!

Our Top 7 Pancake Griddles on the Market

Presto 22 Inch Electric Griddle

Presto, it’s the perfect pancake! The guarantee is in the name, here folks. The Presto 22 Inch Electric Griddle is one of the best pancake griddles on the market this year (and in years’ past), because it combines function with fashion, as well as convenience with compactness. While it’s a fairly large-seized cooking area, this presto griddle has removable handles, making it a snap to cook with, and even easier to store. The griddle is fully immersible with heat control removed and has simple open latch clips to detach from the handles, no tools required! With those handles gone, you can store this griddle in your standard, 18-inch kitchen cabinet. What’s best? It has a slide-out drip tray that removes and cleans easier than ever!


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Black & Decker Family Sized Griddle with Warming Tray

We’re going to just come out and say it, Black & Decker might be a household name, but it’s a household name for good reason. What do we mean? Black & Decker products work, and they work well, and they’re Family-Sized Griddle is no exception. Not only does this pancake griddle come well-equipped with a warming tray and drip tray, the griddle itself is a huge platform that can cook for the entire family! This surface area can cook up to eight servings of pancakes at once and measures about 200 square inches of pancake perfection cooking space. The non-stick cooking surface allows for easy cleaning and of course, fast cooking. The click and lock thermostat, a feature on lots of Black & Decker products, has a removable probe with an adjustable temperature knob that makes adjusting easier than ever!

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Emoji Smiley Face Pancake Pan

Whimsy, meet Function. Function, meet Whimsy. In a unique combination that could only work with pancakes, the Good Cooking Company brings you the Emoji Smiley Face pancake Pan with non-stick pan cake griddle. This flapjack griddle comes with 7 unique flapjack faces, including, but not limited to, heart eyes emoji, a winking emoji, and the laugh until you cry emoji. If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your pancakes, consider buying this enjoy smiley face pan. The best part? This griddle makes mini cakes which allows you to try one of all the emoji faces. What could make your morning brighter than biting into a rounded, mini pancake with a silly face on it? Nothing, that’s what.


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Lodge L90G3 Round Griddle, Pre-Seasoned

This pancake griddle takes the fancy and fun out of pancakes and goes for the ultimate goal – the perfectly formed pancake. This foundry seasoned pan measures out to the perfect 10.5–inch pancake and it’s entirely ready to use upon purchase. You can use this pancake griddle on all kinds of surfaces, whether you’re cooking on a gas stove or over a campfire – you can always expect the perfectly formed pancake. Whether you’re looking to sauté, fry, or bake, you can do it all with this pancake griddle! Even better? It’s oven safe and made in the USA!


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Farbeware High Performance Nonstick Alumnium 11 Inch Square Griddle

This Farbeware High Performance Nonstick Aluminum 11-inch Square Griddle is the ultimate future meets function pancake griddle. This aluminium construction ensures a fast, even cooking and heating. The durable non-stick features a textured surface to help create air pockets that will not only heat food quickly, but help to reduce hot spots that can burn foods. Even better, it’s a non-stick griddle that can be placed directly in the oven up to 350 degrees, making it a perfect oven-griddle as well. You can even wash this bad boy in the dishwasher. This functional piece of kitchenware will help keep your kitchen stylish and functional all at the same time!

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Presto Liddle Griddle

Presto is back, and they’re smaller than ever! This Presto 97211 Liddle Griddle is exactly as it sounds – a tiny griddle for pancake making needs! This electric griddle is convenient and compact all at once. Measuring only 8.5×10.5 inches, this non-stick cooking surface is the perfect addition to any tiny kitchen, as it won’t take up too much room. This griddle automatically maintains temperatures that range from warm to up to 400 degrees Farenheit, so it’s got quite the range to it. It also has convenient, built-in channels that catch drippings, and are fully submersible with heath control. The griddle itself is made of cast aluminium that resists warping, helping to distribute heat easily and cook things more evenly.


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Black & Decker Durable Titanium, Non-stick Griddle

Black & Decker – a reliable brand with reliable products, especially when it comes to the perfect pancake products. This durable, titanium, non-stick griddle is the ideal pancake making machine. Measuring in at only 10.5 inches, this griddle can make the perfect-sized pancakes for you and your family. It has a thick- even-heat aluminium for superior cooking results, and a titanium reinforced, durable, 3-layer easy-to-clean granite non-stick interior. It’s got an ergonomic, heat-resistant handle with thumb indent for added control in the kitchen, meaning you won’t deal with dropping the pancake perfection you just created on your Black & Decker Griddle!

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Our Final Thoughts on Pancakes

Truly, we shouldn’t have to convince you that investing in the ideal pancake maker is something that should be done. Pancakes, especially perfect griddle pancakes, speak for themselves. So, we won’t try to convince you. Instead, we’ll just let you know that we’ve done all the research for you and laid out some of the best options on the market! Whether you’re looking for a bulk pancake griddle that can flip out 10 flapjacks stat, or you just want a tiny, cost-effective griddle to make you and your significant other the perfect Sunday morning brunch, we’ve brought the pancake party to you!

Good luck with your choice – just remember, if you go with anything off this list, you’re going to be in good hands!

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