Best Point And Shoot Film Camera 2022 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide


A good camera does not need to be an expensive bulk device with numerous lenses. You can use a simple point and shoot, also known as a compact camera, to capture great pictures. As the name suggests, point and shoot cameras are designed with a permanently fixed lens. They were most popular in the previous decades before the inception of the smartphones. Advanced models offer more than the smartphones in terms of sensors, optical zoom, image stability and adjustable modes and settings. There are numerous models in the market today and sometimes, it can be difficult to choose the one that will suit your needs. Below are some factors you should consider when buying a point and shoot camera. 

What Are The Pertinent Features Of The Best Point And Shoot Film Camera 2022? 

i. Zoom 

Unlike the DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, point and shoot cameras do not require interchangeable lenses to enhance the zoom. In fact, some models have a versatile zoom that can compete with the DSLRs. Superzoom is a trend that has been gaining popularity in the recent past. Although smartphones are increasingly improving the camera, they cannot compete with point and shoot cameras in terms of zooming. Some advanced models have a zoom range of up to 1000mm. Zooming is a feature that you should highly consider when choosing the best compact camera. 

ii. Image sensor 

Although most people are made to believe that the image quality is determined by the size of the megapixels, in reality, the size of the sensor is the biggest factor that influences image quality. Most point and shoot cameras have 1/2.3″ sensors and advanced models have over 1″ sensors. It is therefore prudent to consider the size of the sensors for the best point and shoot camera that will fit your need. The Ricoh GR II and Fujifilm X100F have been considered the best photography cameras in this list due to their powerful sensors. 

iii. Megapixels 

Sometimes considering the number of megapixels can be misleading when choosing the best film cameras. For instance, a camera that has 20 megapixels does not necessarily mean it is better than a camera with 16 megapixels. You should consider other factors such as sensors, ISO sensitivity, and lens, instead of overly relying on the megapixels alone. This does not mean you ignore megapixels either. Actually, you should consider both the pixels and other necessary factors. 

iv. Low light performance 

Low light performance is a major consideration when choosing the best cheap digital camera that will still provide quality images. This is mainly determined by the aperture, mostly ranging between f/1.4 to f22. Cameras with low aperture enable the lens to open wider to allow more light to enter the camera. Most budget friendly compact cameras have a maximum aperture of between f/2 to f/3.5. Apart from the aperture low light performance is also determined by ISO sensitivity. A camera with high ISO sensitivity is more sensitive to light and is likely to give you quality images. Therefore, when considering the best cheap digital camera, you should consider both the aperture and ISO sensitivity. 

v. Video 

Nowadays videos are increasingly becoming popular. Gone are the days when point and shoot cameras were used to only take pictures. These days, compact cameras are compatible with videos. While budget models have a 1080p (1920X1080pixels), advanced models are offering a resolution of 4K (4096x3072pixels). 

There is more to consider in terms of the video quality than just the resolution. Features such as autofocus, ISO sensitivity and sensors are other important factors when choosing the best point and shoot film camera for your needs. 

vi. Wireless connectivity 

Connecting your camera to your desktop or laptop using a USB cable is becoming unnecessary. These days, most point and shoot cameras feature wireless connectivity such as the Bluetooth or NFC for seamless connectivity with other devices. It is a feature that you should highly consider when buying a point and shoot camera. 

vii. LSD screen 

The LCD screen is another feature that differentiates compact cameras. Most cameras have an average LSD size of 3 inches with a resolution that depends on the price. Advanced models have a tilting and touch LSD screen for enhanced functionality. 

Product Reviews 

i. Sony RX100 V 

The RX100 is a remarkable variant of Sony’s point and shoot cameras. This particular camera is the fifth generation of the RX100 that comes with improved features than the predecessors. One of the added features includes a fast autofocus of up to 0.05 seconds. The autofocus uses 315 points over a 65% of the frame in a hybrid phase to give a fast and accurate focusing. The shooting speed has been greatly improved with a 24 frames burst rate per second. Sony has also improved the video feature in this model with a capability of taking 4k video at 30fps. It is also featured with a gamma curve, normally used for high-end cameras, for enhanced dynamic range shooting. Although the price is a bit higher than most compact cameras in the same range, it has impressive features that are worth every cent. 

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ii. Fujifilm X100F 

The X100F is the latest model in the Fujifilm line of compact cameras. It features a resolution of 24.2magapixels, fixed lens with an APS-C sensor and a strong processor that guarantees exceptional image quality. In addition, it has optical and electronic viewfinder modes toggled with just a switch. 

In terms of sensitivity, the ISO ranges from 100 to 12800, which can be extended to 51200. A dedicated ISO dial is added for enhanced control of the ISO ranges. Unlike other cameras in the similar price range, the X100F does not support 4K but has a full HD video capture at 60fps. 

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iii. Canon Powershot G7 X II 

There are several models of the G-series compact cameras from canon. This model is closely compared with the G9 XII version. However, the G7 is slightly bigger with a more powerful zoom and tilting LSD screen. 

The camera is extremely competent with the necessary tools and features for enthusiast photographers. For instance, it features a 1″ illuminated sensor that provides a 20.1megapixel resolution and DIGIC 7 processor. In addition, it has both the Smart Auto mode for simple point and shoots tasks and manual control for advanced usage. Similarly to the Fujifilm X100F, this model does not support 4K video although has a 1080p full HD video coverage. 

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iv. Leica Q (Typ 116) 

The Leica Q camera is among the few compact cameras in the market equipped with full frame sensors. Although its competitor like the Sony RX1R II has more resolution, the Leica sensor is enhanced with a strong processor to provide a more continuous speed of 10fps. In terms of sensitivity, the ISO ranges from 100-50000 with a shutter speed of up to 16000 seconds. 

Apart from taking JPEG images, the camera can also record a 1080p video at a maximum of 60fps. In addition, the camera is equipped with a 28mm lens that has a maximum aperture of f/1.7. The digital frame selector can be used to change the lens to the desired width. The lens is further enhanced with image stabilization for more quality images. 

This camera comes with a 3” touchscreen LSD at the back for enhanced controls. Above the LSD is an electronic viewfinder to improve the photography experience. The Leica Q is a budget camera that guarantees great service.

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Canon G1X Mark III 

The Canon Mark III is among compact cameras with superior sensors. In fact, it is the first point and shoot camera with an APS-C sensor and inbuilt viewfinder. The sensor is also teamed up with the Digic 7 processor that eliminates the need to edit images. Apart from the large sensors, the camera is also equipped with a dual pixel AF technology for quicker autofocus. This camera is able to provide image quality close enough to the DSLR cameras. 

The camera has more zoom range than the previous models at 24-72mm and a nine-blade f/2.8-5.6 aperture to enhance background blurring. In addition, the camera offers a focusing distance of only 10cm. The G1X marks III comes with a dual-sensing stabilization system to reduce the blur caused by shaking the camera. 

Even though the camera does not support the 4K video capture, it can still record videos at 1080p at a maximum of 60p. The video recording feature is further enhanced with a five-axis advanced dynamic IS technology. The 3” touchscreen LSD is also an added feature that differentiates this camera from compact cameras in the market. 

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Sony Cyber-shot WX220

This compact camera is simple but still provides outstanding photography services. It has a 10x zoom lens providing decent and more appealing images than most smartphones. Actually, it is one of the smallest 10x optical zoom compact cameras in the market. Apart from the zoom length, it is also featured with an Exmore R CMOS sensor for better quality images even in low light. 

The WX220 has a 2.7″ non-touch LSD which may not be suitable for your needs if you like manual controls since most functions and modes are automatic. However, there is an auto mode program which enables you to do light changes like white balancing but not advanced setting such as the aperture. 

The wireless connectivity is another amazing feature in the WX220 compact camera. It is compatible with both Wi-Fi and NFC options for flawless connectivity. Unlike other compact cameras in the same range, this camera does not support play memory apps.  

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Panasonic Lumix FZ2500 / FZ2000 

Panasonic Lumix is considered the first compact camera to combine the 1″ sensor and a high-quality zoom lens with a resolution of 20.1megapixels. Although it is filled with manual controls, it sports an impressive design and can be carried easily in the pocket. 

Unlike some compact cameras in this range, the Panasonic Lumix supports 4k quality video capture. You can take the video on a maximum rate of 30fps although 25fps and 24fps are also supported. In addition, others features such as the 4k Live Cropping are added to complement the 4k video recording. 

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The compact camera market is increasingly challenged by the advancement of smartphones. As most smartphones companies continue to improve on the camera, compact cameras are also evolving. Nowadays there is a variety of compact cameras on the market. Before settling on any particular brand, make sure you have viewed specification of similar products to get value for your money.

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