Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide


If you are a serious gamer (hopefully you saw our reviews on the best FM2+) then you are probably familiar with mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are exceedingly popular in gaming because they are made with high-quality materials and type more quickly and accurately than today’s rubber dome keyboards.

They also provide a solid response though sometimes they can be a bit loud. Regardless, they are really faster and accurate which is possibly what you need during gaming. Besides, they can be useful in doing a lot of typing for school or your work.

Whatever the reason is, we all want a good mechanical keyboard for our gaming events. This article endeavors to help you select one of the best gaming keyboards that will perfectly fit our needs. In gaming events, a high-quality keyboard is one of the vital elements that will boost your gaming experience.

Buyer’s Guide

Mechanical keyboards are not that complicated as they are the original design of the keyboard. Thus they shouldn’t break you when trying to select the best gaming keyboards. However, there are still some things that you should consider when selecting the best gaming mechanical keyboard that will perfect for our gaming needs.

 Anti-Ghosting Keys

 A typical keyboard won’t hold three keys and more when simultaneous pressed. Instantaneously holding down several keys on a standard keyboard will make it not recorded any command. However, gaming keyboards should be able to record more than five keys when pressed simultaneously. This characteristic is known as anti-ghosting and is the primary reason that people purchase mechanical keyboards for better gaming experiences.

 Pooling Rate

 Another reason why people prefer mechanical keyboards is that they offer a high pooling rate. Normal keyboards operate at 125Hz. In other words, they report to the CPU 125 times every second. Mechanical keyboards offer pooling rates above 500 Hz onwards. A 1000Hz pooling rate for a mechanical keyboard is a good response time for a great gaming experience. Choosing a high pooling rate keyboards will enhance your gaming experience.

 Mechanical Switches

 These kinds of keyboards are built to record the anticipated striking key in advance. They are bound to record even when they keys are weakly pressed. Thus mechanical keyboards are generally designed with superior touch response in mind.

 Keyboard Lighting

 Many gamers prefer to play in darkness so that no reflections are experienced on the monitor. As such, choosing a mechanical keyboard with illumination functionality is recommended. Preferably, select a keyboard whose lighting directly comes from the letter keys. Also, it ought to have the ability to regulate the intensity of light on the keyboard.

 Programmable Keys

 Customization is the primary benefit of a mechanical keyboard. Usually, known as “Macros”, most mechanical keyboards offer not less than 5 and more than 15 dedicated keys for storing presets. The best wireless gaming keyboard will include macro keys and have the ability to change and save various command profiles. Also, mechanical keyboards are complemented by distinctive software that helps you to manipulate macro key functions by use of a graphical edge.


 The best mechanical keyboard will tend to have a high lifespan for keys of up to 80 million keystrokes. On average, mechanical keyboards keys’ lifespan is at least 50 million keystrokes. However, the higher the lifespan the more it costs. So it is up to you to spend a little more up front to get a longer lifespan gaming keyboard.


 Mechanical keyboards are often loud when striking the keys; however, nowadays there are those that are almost silent. If you mind the noise when gaming or using it in your office, then consider choosing one that is a bit silent.


 The best mechanical keyboard should have USB auxiliary connectors. This will allow you to connect a mouse, USB sticks or other peripherals. It should also have a microphone as well as a headphone connector. Nevertheless, it is important to connect the headphones directly to our PC.

 Now here is the list of 8 best mechanical keyboards that you should consider when planning to buy the best of the gaming keyboards.

Logitech G410

The Logitech G410 is the best budget gaming keyboard for those looking for an extra gaming promptness and sensitivity. It comes with elite Romer- G mechanical Switches that gives you a 25 percent quicker actuation, as well as up to 70 million keystrokes, enhanced durability.

 With its sturdy tournament design, the G410 is portable and can be carried to competitive gaming tournaments and provides you with extra space for your mouse to swipe wide. Definitely, games are lost or won in seconds. This ultra-light Tenkeyless design mechanical keyboard is built to meet pro-tournament regulations.

The G410 is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7. The Arx Control Integration displays vital in-game data on your iOS and Android gadget.


  • Excellent illumination
  • Macro keys on the right
  • Romer-G knobs


  • Missing Volume key
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HAVIT Rainbow 

If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable gaming experience on a gaming keyboard, then HAVIT Backlit Wired mechanical keyboard is your best choice. This gaming keyboard comes with a rainbow of LED backlit that can switch from medium light, high light, and breath mode to turning off by pressing Fn and Esc simultaneously.

It has a simultaneous operation of up to 19 keys without conflict, with WASD and WIN keys that can be disabled for gaming. Its operating system is supported by Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10 / Mac Os. Underneath are two rubberized holders to prevent it from slipping.


  • Easy installation
  • Great Quality
  • Good keyboard


  • Multiple colors
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EagleTec KG010

The EagleTech KG010 is perfect for those who want a silent and versatile best budget gaming keyboard, then settle for EagleTec KG010 keyboard. It comes with a 104-key keyboard that is much quieter than most mechanical keyboards. It features fast mechanical keys with minimum resistance, tactile bump feedback, and precise actuation.

The keyboard features 104 keys that are conflict proof giving you quality gaming performance. It also features a non-slip ergonomic design and splash-proof keys. With this mechanical keyboard, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues. It is compatible with all windows programs in the market today.


  • Conflict-free keys
  • Durable
  • High quality


  • Keyboard space is large
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Corsair is a reliable name when it comes to building the best mechanical gaming keyboard. Even though it is a bit expensive, you will feel the difference when gaming with it. This brand has made it name by manufacturing a quality gaming grade circuitry. It prides itself in making 100 percent anti-ghosting keys no matter how fast you play.

It also offers an extremely easy access to all multimedia controls so that you can effectively adjust your volume while playing our favorite game. It comes with unlimited programmability so that you can reset any key for ultimate game control.


  • Not so loud
  • Software user interface
  • Easy-access multimedia keys


  • Expensive
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Das Keyboard 4 Professional 

If you want the best gaming keyboard that will give you a gaming experience like no other, Das Keyboard 4 Professional is here for you. It comes with a combined tactile feel and an incredible craftsmanship that brings unmatched experience in your gaming events. This is perfect for those who want a sense of style and elegance in their gaming events.

The cherry MX brown mechanical keys provide a soft and tactile bump halfway through the key strike. It is equipped with dedicated multimedia controls with a bigger volume knob. This allows users to quickly adjust volume.


  • Full n-Key rollover
  • Dedicated Media controls
  • Excellent keys


  • Expensive
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ROSEWILL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Rosewill mechanical keyboard is one of the best gaming keyboards for those looking for a fully customizable RGB backlit keys and a side icon with 10 colors variations for every key. Also, this RGB keyboard comes with a wrist rest and 8 pre-programmed modes.

This is an ergonomic mechanical keyboard that allows you to assign all the keys with preferred functions, settings your profile as well as macro recordings for gaming needs. It’s a professional gaming keyboard that offers fast actuation and sturdy tactile feedback for quick transition and high responsiveness.

The keyboard also allows gamers to adjust the volume with few touches. The multimedia keys are on top to enable audio changes while gaming.


  • Fast transition and responsiveness
  • Dedicated multimedia keys
  • Excellent software


  • No support for cable when plugged
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Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This is a mechanical keyboard built for specific expectations of eSport gamers for a rivalry level blend of speed, accuracy, and silent performance. It also comes with a long lasting Romer G switches that offer a 25 percent faster actuation than any other standard mechanical switches. This results to an almost instantaneous from finger to monitor.

It also features a detachable Micro USB cable that is designed for easy and secure connection. Its three-step angle adjustment and rubber feet provide stability during intense gaming events.


  • Very customizable
  • Compact and sleek
  • Great switches


  • Use FN key to adjust volume-tedious
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HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

HyperA Alloy FPS Pro is built with a rigid steel casing that makes it stable and durable. Its ultra-minimalistic tenkeyless design is perfect for FPS pro. This is one of the best mechanical keyboards for those who want a reliable, accurate tenkeyless keyboard that maximizes desktop space.

Its 87-key keyboard offers everything a gamer need. The strong metal composite top plate ensures a stable platform during gaming. It also features Cherry MX Red mechanical keys for high-accuracy, consistency and high gaming-grade key contact.


  • Ultra-portable
  • Detachable min-USB braided power cord
  • High precision


  • Lacks number pad
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We have listed some of the best mechanical keyboards. Some are perfect for gaming, some great for typing, whereas some are a hybrid of both. The mechanical keyboard you buy will depend on your needs. However, the best gaming mechanical keyboard is the HyperA Alloy FPS Pro.

This is because it is ultra-portable with detachable min-USB braided power cord. Although it lacks a number pad, it is built to last long to give you a high precision that is required in gaming events.

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