Best Triple Monitor Stand 2022 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide


If you are in the market for a triple monitor stand, then you have to get one of good quality to support all three of your monitors. There are several different companies that make them and they come with everything needed for mounting. Some stands are better than others. It is just a matter of doing your homework and finding the one that fits your needs. 

Here we will explore at least 10 of the different triple monitors stands so you can have a good idea of what you might like and what helps to get you on the right track to buying one. These stands are fairly easy to put together and depending on what you like affordable. Some of them come in unique variations while others just provide what you need. There are triple monitor stands the will allow some creativity as to how you see your monitors. It is here in this guide that we explore which mount stands are the best to buy. This way you are not going in to buy one these without any knowledge on what would work best for you. 

Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand Freestanding LCD Computer Screen Desk Mount

If you are tired of neck and back pain, this is the best monitor stand for you. You can rotate and lift your monitors with ease. It comes with a tilt function and has no glare. Getting better height and being able to adjust your monitors to 360 degrees is a wonderful thing with stand. The setup is very easy to do and it will fit your desk confugration. It holds monitors in inches of 19, 20, 21, 22, and 24. It will also hold a 27 inch monitor only if it is in portrait mode. Basically, if you do not need nothing to fancy, then getting this mount stand is the better choice for you. After all, most people that use three screens we either games, investors, employees needing to see the screen. 

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Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount With USB Port

This one has the best triple monitor setup. It comes with three USB ports and you know longer have to bother that much with the back of your CPU. Having this stand makes things so much easier. Your cable cords are organized thanks to the cable management system. There is full motion versatility with spring arms that have four adjustment points. Just when you thought the stand you saw was good you find that this one is even better. It holds monitors for 24, 27, 30, and 32. The fact that this mount stand comes with a USB Port is a winner. You’re searching on the back and the sides to find a port are over. That what makes this one of the best triple mount stand. 

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Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount 3 Screen Desk Stand for LCD Computer Monitors

You can get this particular stand in four different positions. They are hex, dual, single, and regular. If you get it in the hex set up, you can six monitors instead of three. You can also adjust each monitor to your liking. The cool thing about this monitor is that you do not need to remove it to adjust the height. You can definitely call this one of the best monitor stands out there. Whatever you need for your flat screen monitors this stand has a variety of arms to choose from in order to hold them. The Mi-753 mounts 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 inch monitors. Being that you can get this mount stand in various sizes means that you can choose the one that’s right for your needs. 

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Mount-It! Triple Monitor Desk Mount Arm

This stand comes with an articulating full motion height adjustment. You are not straining your eyes, neck, or back on this one. The spring arm is used to adjust the weight of the monitors. You also get an efficient and neat cable management system. Monitots are can be adjusted in either portrait or landscape position. It has the best monitor arm. 

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Mount-It! MI-4PC313G Triple Desk Monitor Mount for LCD and LED Computer Screens

This mount can adapt to you. You can rotate the monitors to fit your style and comfort. As with all mounts, there’s is no eye, back, or neck strain. By raising the monitors off your desk, you can create more space. Any monitor brand and model will fit this. You can do three 24 inch monitors side by side or three 27 inch monitors one on top of the other two. Basically you get to have some fun with this one because the adjustments between the angles and the heights are seamless. 

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Mount-it! Height Adjustable Three Monitor Desk Mount Spring Arm Quick Release/Mount (MI-55116)

You can get this mount with a spring release feature. If you are looking to make a fashion statement, this is the one for you. It comes with multi mount boosts to give you flexibility in how you adjust your monitors. Installation is very easy. The weight of this item is only 15 pounds but it can do so much. This stand offers the best 3 monitor setup. 

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Mount-It! Triple Monitor Desk For Multiple User, Fits 20 22 24 25 26 27, VESA 75 and 100 Compatible 

You can get a full motion experience with this mount. There is a sense of fashion and style that comes with this monitor. Because of the adjustability, you can get three dumistinct pivotal points. This provides for the comfortable viewing experience. It is not good to keep using a cheaper monitor mount that may not hold up your screens for very long as it gets older. At least this one you can be a bit more creative in how you view your monitors without the constant eye, neck, or back strain. This one is considered the best triple monitor stand. 

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Mount-It! MI-55111 3 Height Adjustable, Articulating, Full Motion Arms

If you understand the computer display were never designed to be sat in one spot, then you are going to love this mount. This monitor comes with position, movement, and monitor placement. You get a grommet clamp and articulating arm. This mount also comes with 360 degrees of pivoting and swiveling motions. So you can adjust and move your monitors any way you want them with out worrying about them falling off. This another of the best monitor stands on the market. This mount stand is so versatile and flexible. This perfect for movies, simulation games, and watching the stock market or news. You get the full benefit of moving the screens to pivotal points so that you see comfrtably. 

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Mount-It! MI-789 Triple Monitor Stand Freestanding LCD Computer Screen Desk Mount

Gamers and simulator users rejoice. This one is made with you in mind. You can play games simultaneously or watch other players intersect. You can even sit back and watch three different live action sports on three different monitors. The hard part will be prying yourself away from the action. If you wanted to look at spreadsheets and other documents at the same time you can. You could also look at the different stock markets. So you are never surprised with what happens. You can adjust your screens so that you are sitting in a neutral position that does not put a strain on your body. Adjusting the monitors for portrait or landscape mode in 360 angles can help reduce the strain as well. Gamers who sit for long periods of time will definitely appreciate this. Games that require a lot of action can be seen comfortable from where you are sitting with no strain on your eyes at all. There is virtually no glare. You can see the full monitors without the added glare because of adjustments. 

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EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand Free Standing with Grommet Mount Option Supports up to 3 28″ (002-0020) 

Getting away from th Mount-it’s, if you have a monitor that is at least 27 to 28 inches and is considered a wide screen, then this is the mount for you. This monitor can sit right your desk in free standing mode or you can mount it to your desk for more space. It is totally up to you. The mounting heads do slide in and out. The curved arms do hold the monitor in place. You can rotate those mounting heads clockwise or counterclockwise at 360 angles. This one is the best monitor stand for one simple reason. You do not have to take those monitors off of it to adjust it. 

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As a rule of thumb always check to see if the stand can handle the of the monitors. You do not want anything coming up broken. Also, each stand you purchase from Mount-It comes with a lifetime warranty. You have to make sure that the surface you are using is strong and can support the weight. As you can see Mount-It has some of the best triple stand monitors on the market. You can actually buy one of these and just have your monitors situated in all different ways. This list has of the best monitor stands you could possibly desire to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Get your monitor stand now and at an affordable price. Get yours today.

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