Best Victoria Secret Perfume 2022 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide


Scents are essential for human beings for various reasons. A good perfume not only neutralizes your sweat and draws attention to your persona but also boosts your confidence. They are in the form of body lotions, roll-ons, perfumes, and mists. 

Buying Guide 

There are several brands globally that sell fragrances. Choosing the right product that will meet your preference and needs of a wide range can be overwhelming. Here are some factors that you can consider as you make a scent purchase decision: 

• Smell 

The smell of perfume is determined by the balance of the notes used. The notes combination varies in fragrances. Some consumers will prefer statement perfumes that last longer while others opt for the mild ones. It is also important to consider your environment or occasions you attend while choosing scents. For example, a strong smell is not advisable at work or in a meeting as it might be overpowering to your colleagues. Brands come up with different products to cater for the different preferences. 

• Pricing 

Our budget influences our purchasing decisions. Customers select perfumes within their budget. The fragrances with high concentration are pricey compared to the less concentrated. Some individuals will not mind spending more in exchange of value. The pricing strategy used by brands is different so you can always compare their products to find the right one. 

• Concentration 

There are four different levels of intensity in fragrances. They include perfume or Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de toilette and Eau de Cologne respectively. A high concentration translates to a strong scent and lasts longer. Parfum colognes or sprays have a high level continuing the whole day with only one application. They are pricey. Eau de Parfum lasts six hours after application. The third option is accessible and affordable but requires more than one use to continue for an entire day. The lowest fragrance is Eau de Cologne which lasts two hours after application. Remember, if the concentration is high, do not apply too much as it will be overpowering. 

• Longevity 

As mentioned above, concentration influences longevity. Most people prefer perfumes or mists that last long without having to apply more than one or two times a day. 

• Test 

It is essential to test perfumes before buying to establish if you are okay with the smell. It is inevitable to check when purchasing fragrances. Therefore, companies will often provide a few test samples to be placed on display in retail outlets. Do not be shy to a splash a reasonable amount on your wrist to determine what you like or not. 

• Packaging 

In consumer behavior, the packaging of a product influences the buyer’s decision. Some customers buy products partly because they want to consume and the packaging concept. For example, imagining how the perfume bottle will appear on the dressing table is a win for ladies. Most fragrance brands will come up with sophisticated and classic packaging to get the attention of the buyers. 

• Portability 

The ease of carrying perfumes while traveling is a primary consideration. Users will consider small packaging that is easy to fit in your luggage bag. Airlines have a rule that allows passengers to carry liquids, aerosols, and gels that do not exceed a certain ounce limit. This factor is essential for any frequent traveler. 

• Personality or lifestyle status 

We often consider our lifestyle or personality when buying a scent. We want the people around us to associate us with a scent that speaks volumes about us. Brands often consider the different social and lifestyle classes of consumers while developing a fragrance. For instance, there is a suitable option for a young or a mature lady. 

• Brand 

The quality of a product differs among brands. Some brands produce high-end commodities while others will avail their products to low-income earners. This concept also applies to the fragrance industry. Consumers whose preferences dwell on their social status or lifestyle will end up considering high-end brands. This feature also affects the pricing of the products. A competent and well-known company will charge a high price for quality scents. 

Victoria Secret Perfume Reviews

Victoria Secret is among the best world recognized brand for sensual lingerie and fragrances. The line of perfume is operational since 1992 to-date. Their scents are in the form of sprays, lotions, roll-ons and body splashes or mists. Below is a review of different fragrances of the brand that you might want to try out: 

Bombshell Eau de Parfum 

The Bombshell Eau de Parfum is among the best victoria secret perfume for customers. It is a fruity-floral scent also referred to as the ‘LBD of Fragrance.’ The fragrance notes are Shangri- La Peony, Purple Passion Fruit, and Vanilla Orchid. 

The best feature about this scent is that it does not have an age limit. Bombshell Eau de Parfum is not too mild or too strong fit for any occasion. It is pleasant both for you and the people around you. The only issue is that it does not last long and you have to re-apply. However, this should not deter you from getting the floral and fruity scent to flatter yourself and the people around you. 

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Tease Eau de Parfum 

This is the perfect choice if you are into the sensual art of seduction using scents. The packaging is impeccable with lace and fishnet detail on the bottle. It is pink in color. The fragrance is a combination of frozen Pear, Black Vanilla, and blooming Gardenia. It is the ultimate tease best suited for grown women. The only problem with the product is that it does not last. However, if you are obsessed with the cute packaging and smell, get it and combine it with another scented lotion or body splash to make it last longer. 

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Heavenly Eau de Parfum 

It is referred to as the ‘angel favorite’ by Victoria Secret. The fragrance is warm and heavenly. Notes used include Sandalwood, White Musk, White Peony and Vanilla. The components produce a balance between the fruity and floral smells. 

Victoria Secret has made a revamp to this best seller to make the fragrance more appealing to the new generation. The balance of tones remains. The new packaging is mind-blowing as the bottle has angel wings on the cap with small crystals. The warm essence fragrance that is not too vibrant speaks sensuality and elegance. Its longevity is attributed to the musky component. 

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Very sexy now Eau de Parfum 

This spicy perfume is combined with sun-drenched Clementine, Midnight Blackberry, and Vanilla Orchid. It is the best choice for buyers that prefer a strong scent. You might consider wearing it with a light hand as it can be overpowering. It is hard to resist and lasts longer compared to the other Victoria Secrets’ fragrances. This kind of scent is worn best on special occasions such as date nights or a hangout with your favorite male friends. 

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Night Eau de Parfum 

The creative inspiration was drawn from the ‘Midnights in Paris’ perfume. It is packaged in a stunning black, rhinestone-studded bottle. Components of this scent are velvet Woods, Black Plum, and Luscious Apple. There is a fruity and subtle balance that makes it statement perfume. This scent is well known for its exciting feature as it has a sparkling and warm aura. It provides a sensual feel for a mature lady. The only downside is that it does not last long. I would consider repurchasing it but accompanied by a long-lasting body lotion or splash. 

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Scandalous Eau de Parfum

‘Scandalous,’ is one of the natural fruity and floral fragrances by Victoria Secret. The elements used include raspberry liqueur, praline, and black peony. The scent creates a warm and sexy aura for your persona. It is not limited to age. The right balance of floral and fruity notes gives it a distinct signature. Reviews from friends show that the mist is preferred to the perfume because of longevity. Alternatively, you can use the mist and perfume together to achieve longevity. 

Crush Eau de Parfum 

Crush is the best perfume for teens. It provides a youthful feel from the zany combination of spice and floral elements. The pink packaging draws your attention at a glance. The notes used are Treasure Peony, Pink Peppercorn, and Ashok flower. This combination makes a citrus base creating an addictive scent. Its mild nature makes it suitable for any occasion. The only con is the fragrance is a seasonal often used in summer. Most people living in cold regions will not consider it. You can always buy a substitute from Victoria Secret for using during the cold season as you wait for summer. 

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Endless love fragrance mist 

This fragrance is as pleasant as the name insinuates. The elements used to make the endlessly captivating mist include Chamomile and Aloe Vera. The scent is irresistible making you and the people around want more of it. It is a perfect statement fragrance. Dermatological tests are also run to ensure that it is not harsh on your skin. You will need to splash your preferred amount to attain longevity as it is mild. The only complaint from users is that it is too sweet. The sweetness is from the floral-fruity combination. 

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Victoria Secret has a wide range of scents to suit our different personalities and styles. The perceived quality and framing messages on the packaging of the company has enabled it to attract and retain customers. The above products are just a few of the best scents from the brand. It can be challenging to select from their wide variety because they are all great. Alternating fragrances until you find the one that works for you is recommended. Remember, if you buy a mild aroma from Victoria Secret that does not match your need for a distinct scent, combining it with a scented lotion or body splash will work magic. Also, use high concentrated fragrances in moderation to avoid overpowering yourself and the people around. You do not have to dispose or give it away. You can visit their website to learn and see the other fragrances that have not been discussed above.

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