Best Waffle Makers – 2022 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


As a kid, my favorite part of staying in hotels wasn’t the indoor pools, the exciting new locations, or even the seemingly endless selection of channels. No, it wasn’t any of the things you would think it would be. Instead, it was the free breakfast I had the luxury of enjoying every morning.

I know, that’s a silly thing to look forward to as a kid, but it holds true now that I’m an adult—I love hotel breakfast. It could be the mediocre coffee, the random green tea extract, the possibility of adventure lurking outside the automatic glass doors, or even the morning news that looks almost exactly like the news at home, or it could be the waffles.

As a kid, this was one of the only times I was able to have waffles, and I looked forward to it. As an adult, I can have waffles anytime I want, but I still get excited every time. Maybe it’s the nostalgia. Maybe it’s the light, fluffy texture with the satisfying crunch on the outside, the ridges if each perfectly-formed pocket that cradles the sweet syrups, and the anticipation that builds as the timer counts down closer and closer to breakfast bliss.

It’s probably a combination of all those factors. The important thing is: waffles are one of the best foods out there, whether you eat them for breakfast, another meal, or even as an element in a dessert. Fantastic foods deserve to be prepared properly in order to maximize their deliciousness, though, which is why we’re here. So, without farther ado, here is our list of the best waffle makers.

Black & Decker Flip Waffle Maker

While no peer-reviewed studies have been performed, the scientifically perfect waffle is 7” and circle. This Black & Decker model makes circular waffles that measure—you guessed it—7”. Coincidence or just clever writing? You decide.

In reality, this flip-style waffler maker turns batter into delectable Belgian waffles in a matter of minutes. Not only is the timing conveniently indicated by a system of lights to inform you when to turn the maker and retrieve your waffle, the entire operation and maintenance of the machine is simple and straightforward.

Some of the features that add to the ease-of-use this particular unit possesses are the non-stick, easy-to-clean surfaces and the locking handle, which helps prevent any leaking during the cooking process. You also get the confidence that comes with a brand like Black & Decker. You know this waffle maker will last you many years and produce innumerable evenly-cooked waffles.

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Aicok Belgian Waffle Maker

Another flip-style waffle maker, this Aicok offering provides convenience and quality in one easy-to-use package. From the brushed stainless steel housing that is bound to keep the product in pristine condition to the easy-to-clean nonstick cooking surfaces, you can’t go wrong making waffles with this gadget.

The Aicok Belgian Waffler Maker also includes a drip tray to collect any batter that does manage to leak from the rotating heating iron—another small detail that makes cleanup a breeze. To give you extra peace-of-mind, Aicok includes a two-year warranty with the purchase of their waffler maker. Feel free to cook with confidence.

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Cuisinart WAF-F20

When I first saw the Cuisinart WAF-F20, I may have lost my mind a bit. This flip-style Belgian waffle maker takes in batter and spits out two—that’s right, two—glorious golden waffles. It’s a miracle in the form of a kitchen appliance.

Imagine a romantic with your beautiful lover. You spent the night frolicking on the beach, dodging the foamy waves as they lapped at your feet, and building your dream castle out of sand. Now it’s morning. You want to surprise them with a breakfast that says I care deeply, but doesn’t scream marry me now. What do you do?

Waffles, of course! And with this Cuisinart WAF-F20, you’ll be able to make a waffler for you and your significant other in one easy step! Or you could use it to shorten the process between waking up and getting your kids to the bus stop. Whatever your stage in life, this waffler maker earned its spot on the list of the best waffler makers.

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Oster Belgian Waffle Maker

As the world marches ever-forward into new technologies and innovations, some of us soldier on the old school way. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just personal preference and an affinity for things that are class and proven. 

That’s where the straightforward clamshell design of the Oster Belgian Waffler Maker thrives. No fancy flipping mechanisms. Just no-nonsense waffle making.

A classic approach doesn’t mean this waffle maker is devoid of fantastic and functional features, however. The Oster Belgian Waffler Maker has a durable stainless-steel housing, nonstick removeable cooking plate, and adjustable temperature. It will last you a long time, be easy to clean, and produce the perfect waffle for you, whether you enjoy a lightly-cooked waffle or an extra crispy one.

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Presto Ceramic FlipSide

Sometimes a product stands out so much you’re certain of only one thing: either it is ludicrous and won’t really work or it’s brilliant and has potentially changed the world for the better. Well, let us assure you—the Presto Ceramic FlipSide falls under the latter category.

Rather than using the traditional flipping method where the cooking element is elevated, the Presto Ceramic FlipSide uses a low base that keeps it close to the surface on which it is set. This can make the device less clumsy and easier to move around and use properly. However, it still maintains the flip function of certain other waffler makers, which allows the batter to spread and cook evenly.

The ceramic surface is nonstick, meaning that any remaining crumbs can simply be wiped away. It even has a digital display with a countdown timer to electronically mock you as you stare at it with drool dripping from your mouth.

As if the Presto Ceramic FlipSide could get any more impressive and convenient, it features a locking base that allows the maker to stay vertical for storage, saving space and making sure the rotating mechanism stays protected. They truly thought of everything when creating this deserving addition to our list of the best waffle makers.

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Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker

While it may not be the circular shape we know and love, a rectangular waffle is not actually a sin against god and nature. In fact, it contains the exact same ingredients and maintains the fluffy yet crisp deliciousness of your traditionally shaped waffle. 

With that out of the way, meet the Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker. No, it doesn’t flip. Yes, the waffles are rectangular. However, let’s focus on what’s important here—it makes two waffles at once. That’s right, with one go you reap the benefits of two waffles, and what waffles they are!

With a shade selector integrated into it, the Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker is sure to produce the perfectly cooked waffle each and every time its services are employed. Light and fluffy or dark and more on the crisp side, this waffler maker can do it all.

Even with its incredible functionality and the fact it makes two waffles at once, the Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffler Maker remains easy to clean and easy to store. It includes nonstick griddles and stores upright, making it more compact.

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We made it. We have finally arrived at the crown jewel of waffle making. Not because the taste of the waffles trumps any other waffler maker on this list—they all produce incredible waffles that are to die for—but because it makes four waffles at once. FOUR.

That means you can volunteer to cook breakfast and eat three waffles to every one waffle you give away. If you don’t tell, they’ll never know. 

The KRUPS Belgium waffle maker also includes a control knob ranging from one to five, which allows you to dictate the level of crisp you’d like your waffles to possess. No matter which setting fits your personal cravings, you’ll know the waffles are ready when the machine emits a beep. The beep means feeding time. It’s a bit Pavlovian, but it’s a nice touch.

The cord conveniently wraps up and the unit can be stored upright to keep it in good condition and to save space. The KRUPS Belgium waffle maker even utilizes completely removable cooking plates that can cleaned easily by hand due to their nonstick nature or simply thrown in the dishwasher, since they are dishwasher safe.

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Our Final Thoughts

It seems only fitting to end the list of the best waffle makers on the waffler maker, simply because we love waffles—the more the merrier, as the saying goes. That being said, each waffle maker on this list is durable, convenient, and makes damn good waffles.

So, whether you just want a quick and easy solution to your waffle cravings or you’re looking to feed a small army, search no farther. This list is packed with fantastic waffle maker options that are bound to fit your needs and fill your stomach to bursting!

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