Best Manual Coffee Grinders – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2022


For many, coffee is more a necessity than it is an element of life that receives substantial attention and thought. So long as we receive the caffeine into our bloodstreams, we don’t care all that much about the taste—except the extremes—let alone the process behind the production of the beverage warming our hands and hearts. Earl grey tea just isn’t for everyone.

For others, coffee is an art form. From the origin country of the beans to the method by which those beans are ground, every step from planting to delicious steaming cup matters. For such purists, the joy is in the finished product, but also in the work that going into that product. They believe there is beauty in the process; they enjoy doing the seemingly menial tasks associated with crafting the perfect cup of coffee (yes, even decaf)

One of the most important steps in controlling the quality and taste of a coffee is the grinding. This is also one of the areas where an enthusiast can assert their own style and preference. This starts by choosing a grinder and can involve a little elbow a grease.

To the casual coffee drinker, this seems a bit silly. Isn’t the point of coffee to inspire energy where there is none? Why expend time and energy on something that should be grab-and-go? To the purist, though, the coffee is earned. It is labored over in love. Time and money are spent in potentially embarrassing quantities on preparing each cup.

If you fall somewhere in the middle between casual drinker and craft coffee connoisseur, you might want to dip your toes in the tempting waters of making your mark on the coffee world. Perhaps you’re already knee-deep and looking to wade even deeper into the complex and exciting sea of coffee making products. Regardless of where you are on your own caffeine-fuelled journey, look no farther than right here for your list of the best manual coffee grinders.

While this isn’t necessarily a definitive list, it’s pretty dang close. You’ll notice that not all the grinders on this list fall under the same category—there are differences in the size of the ground, for example—but each is a standout in its own classification. The only criteria are grinding coffee and being manual. So, without farther delay, we present you with our list of the best manual coffee grinders.

Triple Tree Mill Grinder – Manual Coffee Mill Grinder with Ceramic Burrs

If you’re going to exert physical strength to grind your own coffee beans, the device helping you with that process should, well, help. Triple Tree understands this simple yet overlooked point and incorporates details into this manual grinder that do just that.

Take, for example, the extended stainless steal handle that includes an easy-to-grip knob at the end. It’s a small detail, but it can make the job of manually grinding beans much less taxing. To continue the theme of convenience and functionality, the Triple Tree Mill Grinder is also extremely easy to clean—all the surfaces or glass and silicone. 

Just because this unit is conscious of convenience features does not mean it neglects the quality of your coffee. On the contrary, the working details are designed with the purist in mind. From the ceramic burrs that ensure the act of grinding does not contribute to excess heat, to the adjustability of the coffee grind itself—from fine to coarse and in between—the functionality of this grinder is second to none.

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KONA Manual Grinder – KONA Manual Coffee Grinder

This grinder is compact and portable—perfect for road trips or simply two coffee drinkers who value products that are easy to store. Don’t judge the KONA Manual Grinder by its size, though. This little contraption is as versatile as they come.

Its ceramic burrs are sure to stand the test of time while avoiding excessive heat buildup. It also boasts 18 click settings, allowing you to grind your coffee extra fine for drip coffee or espresso or adjust it to the other end of the spectrum for extra coarse grounds—perfect for a French Press.

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JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder, Conical Burr Mill, Brushed Stainless Steel

Aside from the fantastic quality of this particular manual coffee grinder, we just love the name. Seriously, what perfect branding for a fantastic product. Anyway, on to the important stuff.

The adjustable 18 settings give you total control over your coffee, allowing you to grind to the perfect size grounds for your particular needs. For those of you who love to travel, the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is one of the best options out there. The entire body of the grinder is constructed of stainless steel, making it super durable.

It’s also shaped a bit like a reusable water bottle, meaning it’s easy to throw in a backpack or store in smaller spaced. You can even remove the crank handle for the ultimate ease of transportation.

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Continental Shift – Manual Coffee Grinder Travel Companion for Home & Camping. 

If you’re a bit intimidated by the prospect of grinding your own coffee beans, you may need a little extra guidance. Continental Shift has you covered—their manual grinder comes with a detailed instruction booklet that includes easy-to-follow illustrations. 

This flair for the convenient couple with the artistic is beyond fitting for this particular brand and product. The grinder itself is durable and straightforward. It has a stainless-steel body that is easy to deconstruct and thoroughly clean. It also has settings that allow you to grind your beans to the perfect coarseness. 

All of this is packaged in a lovely bag that would look great in your kitchen when the grinder is not in use. It would also make for a great gift for the coffee lover in your life. It’s simplistic, but elegant. It certainly deserves a spot on the list of the best manual coffee grinders.

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Khaw-Fee HG1B – Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder with Conical Ceramic Burr

This thing is durable. The moving parts and housing are all made of ceramic and stainless steel, meaning it will last you a long time on your journey to the best cup of coffee. If it isn’t durable enough for you or you simply don’t like the product (don’t worry, you’ll love it), Khaw-Fee includes a warranty to give you peace-of-mind. Just send it back and you’ll be reimbursed.

The likelihood of you disliking this coffee grinder are pretty much zero, though. The built-in grind adjustor ensure that you will always have the perfect level of fineness or coarseness for the beverage you are making. The brand believes freshly ground coffee is the best coffee, so you can bet that the Khaw-Fee HG1B does a bang-up job. It has a belief to prove, after all.

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Fecihor Manual Coffee Grinder With Grind Settings and Catch Drawer

Where do we even start talking about the Fecihor Manual Coffee Grinder? This thing is cool. Like people will stop as they walk past it to stare for a minute cool.

While it’s built to look old-fashioned—and does incorporate some technology of the past—the product itself is brand new. The theory behind it? Not necessarily that older things are better, but that there is something beneficial about the past and about being closer to nature.

The act of physically grinding coffee is bound to take you back to the era from which this grinder borrowed its distinctive looks. There’s definitely something rewarding about putting in the elbow grease to create your own unique human-powered coffee grounds.

There also may be a benefit to the wooden body of this grinder. Because it isn’t made of metal and the burrs are ceramic, there is little chance any external or internal heat can affect the quality and taste of the beans being ground. 

The wooden construction doesn’t make it any more difficult to clean, though. The drawer for of the Fecihor Manual Grinder is removable and all the pieces are easy to clean. 

It also features adjustable grind fineness. The lovely-looking appliance may appear to be old school, but it has many modern tricks up its sleeve. If you’re someone who enjoys an antique style, is looking to liven up the kitchen, or perhaps runs a coffee shop that could use some function visual flare, the Fecihor Manual Grinder is for you.

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Our Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a product that is compact and easy to use on the go, want to delve deeper into the world of craft coffee, or need a classically styled centerpiece for your breakfast routine, there is a manual coffee grinder for you. Best of all? All of the best ones are on this list!

Personally, we think having a bit more control over the fineness, freshness, and even blend of your coffee is not only neat, it’s super exciting. Imagine developing your own delicious combinations of beans! Whatever you use it for, we hope you found your next coffee grinder on our list of the best manual coffee grinders.

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