Best FM Antenna 2022 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide


When we wrote about dongles, we assumed that everyone had a tv with a working signal. That isn’t always the case. One quick look online for FM antennas will reveal there are lots of antennas available for purchase. If you are a novice in this realm, it can be confusing and you may think one antenna is just as good as the next. You may be surprised to learn that it does, in fact, matter which FM antenna you choose to view your favorite broadcasts. 

Your goal is to select the antenna that will best match your receiving location to give you the highest quality broadcasts possible. Amongst FM antennas, you can purchase models from either the indoor or outdoor varieties. Read on to acquire the knowledge necessary to make an informed purchasing decision. 

Outdoor Antenna Buyer’s Guide 

Outdoor antennas come in three main selections. One of which is the unidirectional dipole antenna. These antennas primarily center on a sole reception in one general direction. This will be the best option for you if the stations you favor mostly project in a solitary direction. 

Turnstiles, or crossed dipoles, can receive patterns from all directions. The tradeoff, however, is the gain will be low regardless of the plane. If you prefer to stick with an FM antenna that functions in one direction only, the multi-element array FM antenna is another excellent choice for you. These antennas have a high gain, which in turn allow them to pick up stations from long distances. 

One weakness of these antennas is you have to adjust the antenna whenever tuning into a new station. As for indoor antennas, you can choose from either amplified or unamplified models. Amplified FM antennas can prove to be difficult in bustling areas with lots of radio frequencies. They also have diminished real-world sensitivity. 

Unamplified varieties of FM antennas come in two subcategories being bi-directional dipole and one-half Wave Vertical. You can expect the one-half Wave Vertical antenna to give you double the gain you would experience with the bi-directional indoor antenna. This can be a lot to take in, so there are a few more criteria that can help you select the best FM antenna for your needs. 

First, consider where you will be using the antenna. If you live in a rural area, you will benefit from an outdoor antenna with high gain. Contrastingly, you should select an indoor antenna if you live in a humming metropolitan area instead. Once you have pondered on that, you need to decide where you will mount your antenna. 

It is best to mount it in a place with the highest possible elevation that is not impeded by other antennas. You want to take care that no large metal objects are in the vicinity of the mounting location either. 

Outdoor Antenna Reviews 

ClearStream ECLIPSE TV Antenna 

Eclipse makes the best indoor antenna in the 35-mile category. Not only do these antennas perform well, but they are likewise easy to install with Sure Grip. It is a multidirectional element that will not require you to adjust it as you want to change broadcasts. An extra reason to love these antennas is they are safe for you to paint them for a personalized touch. 

This will permit you to match the antenna to the color scheme of your room or office. Your Eclipse antenna will have 12-feet of cable, and it is certified with a lifetime warranty. The antenna has a patented loop design to allow it to pick up frequencies from further ranges. You can thank its wide beam angle for not having to adjust or rotate it at all. 


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Vilso Outdoor TV Antenna 

Vilso produces high gain outdoor antennas that span over a 150-mile range. It is the best outdoor antenna to receive HD broadcasts in 720p, 1080i and 1080p signal formats. You will set up your outdoor Vilso antenna in a breeze with the help of the simple user manual so that you can begin watching your favorite broadcasts sooner than later. 

These antennas are constructed with a 360-degree motor rotor for optimal reception. Additionally, your Vilso antenna will be weatherproof to withstand any conditions while remaining fully functional. In the event you do need to adjust your antenna, this too is simplified with the wireless remote that you can use from inside your home. 


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Winegard LNA-200 Boost TV Antenna Amplifier  

Winegard manufactures the best antenna amplifier to boost the reception on non-amplified antennas. The result will be a wider range that produces a greater variety of channels for your enjoyment. You will acquire more channels while also getting perfectly clear reception. Your current outdoor antenna will have better signal selectivity combined with the lowest levels of noise and interference. 

All of these things are major pluses when considering an antenna amplifier. Furthermore, Clear Circuit technology helps prevent the occurrence of dropout and pesky pixelation. You will be pleased to know that this amplifier is compatible with all passive or non-amplified antennas. 


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Esky HDTV Amplified Antenna 

Esky makes the best attic antenna due to its capacity to tune to signals polarized in both horizontal and vertical directions. More impressively, these antennas can pick up over four types of signals. Esky outdoor antennas make a wise choice for you if you live in either a metropolitan or suburban area to tune into UHF stations. 

The company manufactured these antennas to get you the best reception so you can watch your favorite presentations. They have the ability to span over a 150-mile radius to add to their efficiency. Not to mention their construction is from heavy-duty materials to protect the antenna from harsh weather conditions. You will find your Esky antenna is easy to install, and your pictures have impeccable resolution resulting from the LNA amplifier in the antenna. 


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Amplified HD Digital Antenna 

This powerful antenna will give you free access to your favorite networks. It can reach up to 80 miles from virtually anywhere in your home. This is the best digital antenna because it consistently scans for new channels as they become available for broadcast. 

You will tune into stations that show up clearly with pristine sound quality. The antenna accomplishes this by way of its Clear Filter Technology that allots it to sort through any cellular or FM signals. Its 18-foot coaxial cable makes it easy to set up the antenna in the location that is most convenient for you. You will hang the antenna on the wall or on a window inside your home. 


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1byone Digital TV Antenna 

1byone has the best indoor tv antenna for VHF reception. The antenna features an advanced adjustable amplifier that has two modes to permit access to the most channels possible. This antenna is not your average joe because it has a delicate wood-grain design that makes a fashion statement. The attractive antenna has adhesive stickers as well to make installation easy as pie. 

It comes complete with a 19.7-feet coaxial cable so that you can set the antenna in the place with optimal reception inside your home. Another cool feature about this antenna is its ability to be powered by outlet or the USB port on your television. Your antenna will work best when it is away from interferences such as mountains, hair dryers, air conditioners and refrigerators. 


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Channel Master CM-3020 Long Range Antenna 

Channel Master outdoor antennas have a reception range up to an extensive 100 miles. It is the best antenna because it can pick up on UHF, HD, VHF and FM signals. They are a line-of-sight antenna that prove easy to install. These antennas are great for maintaining their excellent signal strength, and this includes those areas where reception is perceived to be poor. 

It will work perfectly well and deliver your favorite broadcasts in great resolution without the help of an amplifier. While the Channel Master CM-3020 is compatible with multiple signals, it is optimized for HDTV and digital FM signals in particular. 


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RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna 

The RCA outdoor HDTV antenna is one of the easiest to install resulting from its pre-assembled design. It easily folds out and has snap-lock elements to keep it in place. This powerful antenna can pick up on signals from over 70 miles away to keep you tuned in to your favorite shows for free. Your broadcasts will be supported up to the 1080i formats. 

You should bear in mind that the quality of the picture you receive is subject to your distance from the towers, terrain and broadcast power. RCA utilized top-notch materials in the construction of their Yagi HDTV antenna to safeguard against brutal outdoor conditions. 

You will discover this antenna is the best attic antenna or the best outdoor antenna. Whether your preference is digital or HD TV broadcasts, your antenna will tune into either or so that you can view your favorite programs. 


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Chaowei Digital TV Antenna 

Chaowei antennas are constructed with an angled connection to the television. As a result, the connection between your television and the antenna is that much stronger. This is the best digital antenna because it has an ultra long 16.5-feet coaxial cable, and it is likewise small so that it does not cramp the style of your room. 

It has a magnetic base that makes it conveniently portable so that you can set it in the area that provides you with the best reception. Setup for the Chaowei digital antenna is very simple as all you have to do is screw in the male coaxial cable into the female adapter on your television. Once you turn on your television, you will allow it to auto program. This is a 360-degree omnidirectional digital TV antenna that is truly ideal for use inside or outside of your home. 


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ViewTV Amplified Indoor TV Antenna 

ViewTV’s digital indoor antenna enables you to view broadcasts within a 70-mile range. It supports all HDTV formats, and you will receive excellent reception from inside of your home with this antenna. Your antenna will arrive pre-assembled so that you can begin using it immediately to cut back on your cable bill. 

It features an adjustable gain that will let you adjust it to coincide with your distance from the towers. If you live close to the tower, you should maintain a low gain. In contrast, the gain should be increased if you live far away from the tower. 


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Choosing to invest in a high-quality antenna today can mean you say goodbye to your cable bill forever. You can select from indoor and outdoor models to give you the best reception for your residential area. Carefully consider the stations you want along with built-in features of the antenna before making your final selection. 

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